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Hemavati River

The river Hemavati is a tributary of Kaveri. The river originates in the Western Ghats at an elevation of about 1,219 metres above the sea level at Ballala Rayana Durga in Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is an important district of the state of Karnataka in Southern India. The river Hemavati has a drainage area of about 5, 410 km and has an approximate length of 245 km. The river flows on to join Cauvery at Krishnarajasagara.


After its origin in the Western Ghats near Ballala Rayana Durga in Chikmagalur district, Karnataka, the river flows through the area of Tumkur located in the Hassan District. The river is joined by its chief tributary which is the Yagachi River and this joining takes place near the Hassan District. After that, Hemavati River takes its course through Mysore District before joining Cauvery near Krishnarajasagara.


The Yagachi River is the chief tributary or Hemavati. The rivers Hemavati meets with Yagachi at Hassan District.

Hemavati Dam

Hemavati Reservoir is basically a type of masonry dam which is made with the help of earthen flanks and a central spillway. The reservoir for the dam has been built across the river itself, near Gorur village. This reservoir possesses a colossal storage capacity of 37.1 tmcft. It is an important reservoir and the water from Hemavati Reservoir is utilized for irrigation of 6.55 acres of land in Hassan, Mandya and Tumkur.

Hemavati Dam was built in 1979. The reservoir in Hemavati Dam serves as a main source of water supply for drinking and irrigation of the agriculture land of the nearby villages. The reservoir includes 6 large radial spillway gates. It has a length of 4692 meters and a height of 58.5 meters. The gross water storage capacity of this dam is around 1050.63 mcm.


Hemavati dam is a renowned picnic spot. The place offers a beautiful view to visitors. The dam becomes more beautiful when the gates of the reservoir open and water gushes down in a lovely manner. One can find a garden beside the dam that virtually enhances the beauty of the place. One can experience a wonderful sight of water birds coming to the reservoir. The temples of Parabasudeva and Yoganarashimha are also located near the dam.

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