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Lalbagh Lake

Lalbagh Lake along with Lalbagh Botanical Gardens houses India’s largest collection of tropical plants and has an aquarium and a lake and is known to be the best tourist attractions in Bangalore. The lake spans an area of about 40 acres and it is 3.5 meters deep. The lake is a must see for its flora and there is a flower show that takes place every year.


This garden was established by Hyder Ali, ruler of Mysore in 1760 and was completed by Tipu Sultan. James Cameroon, who was the superintendent of Lalbagh, was responsible for the development of the surrounding area. Lalbagh Botanical Garden here covers an area of 240 acres. Within its geography, the garden has almost 1850 different species of plants and other trees. The exotic flora came in from faraway places like Iran, Turkey and even Africa.

There are two islands located in this lake, which make the site so beautiful. The lake has a path that is popular among the regular walkers. The lake also has a bridge over it. This lake connects two ponds that are located at each corner. They are called Lotus Pond and Sunken Pond, which are now dry.


Lalbagh is situated just 4 km from the city railway station, from the Vidhana Soudha or from MG road. There are 4 entrances to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, namely:

The Eastern Gate

This gate has a wide road and is an ideal place for parking vehicles.

The Western Gate

This gate is situated at Siddapur Circle. One can enter this gate and enjoy the sylvan atmosphere of the garden.

The Northern Gate

This gate has a fairly wide road. The glass house is visible if going straight. Many functions, exhibitions, workshops and other programs are hosted here round the year. This is the main exit also.

The Southern Gate

This is the main gate from where one can start their voyage into the gardens.


The Lalbagh Lake has a large variety of birds and plants that make it very beautiful. The two islands serve as nesting ground for many birds. The place gives pleasure to the eyes.

For those who enjoy some bird watching, this lake is an absolute paradise. It is wonderful to see birds early morning and some special species can be seen catching fishes. There are many migratory birds that love to come to this place. A variety of pelicans and herons can be seen here. This is also the place to find kites, kingfishers, cranes and ducks.

These 2 islands of the lake were formed during the removal of silt from the lake over some period. The lake provides water to about 10 bore wells closeby. The Lalbagh Lake is the place in Karnataka that uses Khus Grass to keep the water clean.

How to Reach

Lalbagh garden is open from 9am to 6pm every day. Bangalore is a famous spot and connected to various parts of the country. There are several flights, trains and buses that connect Bangalore to rest of the places.

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