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Agara Lake

Agara Lake has been the natural and scenic beauty of Bangalore. This 98 acres lake is located on the Outer Ring Road, near Kormangala and HSR Layout. This lake was once known for its scenic beauty and people used to come to watch migratory birds nesting and breeding there.

But now due to high water pollution and lack of maintenance has made the lake one of the dirtiest sites of Bangalore. It has become a garbage dumping spot, thus a breeding spot for mosquitoes. Banglorians have taken this into their hands and are trying their best to restore the original beauty of the lake. Authorities also are helping them to get back the lost glory of the lake.


The History of lake dates back to early 8th century. In the historical documents of Bangalore city, the evidence of the presence of lake can be found. In the past, this lake was being used by the villagers for irrigation and used to be main source of drinking water.

There used to be a huge catchment area surrounding the lake. During rainy season, rainwater forming the catchment area kept the lake water brimming with water. Agara Lake used to get water when Madivala Lake used to over flow through Raja Kaluve. When the Agara Lake gets filled with water, the excessive water overflows to Bellandur Lake.

To this day, Agara Lake attracts many birds that make an amazing sight early morning. The greenery surrounding the lake is very attractive and people can be seen jogging or whiling away their time. People love to spend quality time sitting and watching the birds flying near the lake.  But as the city is getting more prosperous and developed, the natural beauty of this lake is getting destroyed. Tall buildings, office complex and busy roads now surround the lake and destroy the peace environment. This has made many birds to leave their nests on the trees near the lake. The authorities and the Lake Development Authority (LDA) are trying their best to work out and restore the lake’s original beauty.

Their efforts can be noticed as the lake today can be seen surrounded with greenery and is being cleaned regularly. It is being considered to make the lake a recreation park.


Agara Lake is located close to Koramangala and HSR Layout in Bangalore.


This lake once back to its original beauty would gain lots of attraction. The jogging and walking track has been cleared. People in early mornings and evenings can been seen strolling or jogging in this track. The track is around the lake which makes is more pleasant for the joggers. The famous ‘Children-Globe-Rooster’ statue can be seen along the fence of the lake. This statue attracts children and adults alike. Kids can be seen posing for pictures around this statue. Authorities have planted many fruit bearing trees on the island of the lake. Fruit trees like jamun and peepal tree can be seen on this land surrounded by lake.

The garbage accumulation around the lake has destroyed the nice cozy environment for birds. Nearly 40 species of birds used to have their nests on the trees surrounding the lake. But after the restoration work has started the natural beauty has returned to some extent. Thus, making it a nice habitant for birds. Last year’s monsoon has brought many birds back to the lake for nesting and breeding. Few rare birds like Spot billed Pelicans and Coots have been spotted near the lake. The water of this lake has many fishes too. Authorities are doing their best to regain its beauty and make it one of the most prime tourist locations in Bangalore.

How to Reach

Bangalore is a well-connected city. There are several flights, trains and buses that connect Bangalore to various towns and cities of the country.

Agara Lake is located in the heart of the city and can be easily reached by various means of transport from anywhere in Bangalore.

By Bus

The nearest bus stops are the Majestic and the Kormanglala bus stop. Auto rickshaws are also available to reach the lake.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Bangalore central station and KR Puram Station. Tourists can hire private cabs like Meru cabs and many more to visit this lake.

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