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Halasuru Lake

Bengaluru City is the IT capital of India and known for its modern outlook and cosmopolitan population. But there are some hidden gems in the city that keeps it connected with the ancient tradition of the place. Halasuru Lake is one such place. Visiting the lake is a truly sublime experience. It is one of the oldest lakes of the city and still has an old world charm attached to it despite the rapid modernization that has dramatically altered the landscape of the areas surrounding it.


Halasuru Lake is located on the east side of Bengaluru city and enjoys pride of place as one of the biggest lakes of the state. It attracts large number of visitor every year. They come to enjoy the beauty of the place, which is significantly enhanced by the many islands that adorn it. Halasuru Lake is also known as Ulsoor Lake after the place where it is located.


According to history, Halasuru Lake was created in the latter half of the second century by King Kempe Gowda II. The lake was a dense forest in the past. The King, who was once resting under a blessed tree during his travel, saw Lord Someshwara in his dream, telling about a hidden treasure in the forest. He excavated the area and discovered the treasure. As a mark of gratitude, he built the Someshwara Pagoda in the place. It has a distinct mark of Dravidian style architecture.

What to Look For

The credit for the present lake, which has metamorphosed drastically from its ancient form, goes to one of the earliest Commissioners of Bangalore, Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring. Today, the lake is a major tourist attraction. It covers an area of 124 acres approximately. The serene atmosphere and the abundance of natural green cover make it a great place to spend some time in relaxation.

The area around Halasuru Lake has various species of birds, animals, flowers, trees, butterflies and insects. There is a creatively-designed fountain that’s a visual delight when it’s put on for a few hours every day. A three kilometer area around the lake is earmarked for tourist activities like boating. A boat club is present on the premises which conduct regular boating services on both rowing and pedal boats. Boats are available on a hourly basis for a small hiring fee.

Recreational Facilities

Visitors can also visit the recreational complex near the lake and enjoy swimming at the large pool, go boating or simply sit on the lush green natural carpet and soak in the beauty of nature. There are many coffee shops, restaurants and eateries that offer a varied mix of local delicacies as well as popular Indian snacks.

When to Visit

Halasuru Lake is open to visitors from 6.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all days except Wednesday, which is the weekly off day.

How to Reach

By Bus

The lake is just three kilometers from M.G Road Bengaluru. You can walk the distance of take an auto or a cab.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Bengaluru Railway station which is approximately 10 km away.

By Air

The nearest airport is Bengaluru International airport which is approximately 40 km from the lake.

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