Phumania Dance

Kashmir is the land of some of the best Indian folk cultures, which are expressed in the forms of dance, music, acting and other artistic works. The dance forms of Jammu and Kashmir are really awesome and people from across the globe visit Kashmir, for absorbing the land’s astonishing beauty and in addition, witness the various forms of dance, which are performed here at various festivals. One such dance form which is quite popular far and wide is the Phumania. This dance is done to show gratitude to deity Gagail.


Phumania is a dance performed by men of the Kashmiri villages, as a mark of their gratitude towards the deity of their village, Gagail. They worship the deity in the form of this dance and ask for long life of their children and also that their cattle remains in good condition. They also ask for blessings so that their crops are not destroyed by any sort of natural calamity because farming is the only way of earning for them; it is their life.

Music and Style

The music for the dance is created with the combined playing of few instruments like tumbaknari, narshingas (big trumpets), short horns, pipes, flute and dhol. The big trumpet called narshingha is basically used near the Jammu area and not throughout Kashmir.

Reaching Jammu and Kashmir

All means of transport from all parts of India are available for reach the Kashmir valley, including bus, car, train and plane. Some international planes are also there that takes you to Srinagar.

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