Hikkat Dance

India, a country known for its heritage and beauty, is also known for the numerous styles when it comes to the art of dance. These dances vary according to the geographical areas as these dances are based entirely on the tradition and culture of a particular place. Classical dance, folk dance and contemporary dance are the different kinds of dances in India. Folk dance in India has high significance in the rural area as these dances depict the daily work and rituals of the village people. These dances play an important part when it comes to festivals and celebrations. These folk dances are performed in groups of men and women and every folk dance has its own style. Hikkat is one such folk dance that is very famous in the northern parts of India. This dance is generally played during religious occasions and is danced in groups. They depict the high culture of the northern region and bring the people of this region together in unity during the festival times.

Kashmir is not only popular for the beauty it beholds within the area, it is also famous for the traditional dances. The folk dances and music of Kashmir plays a significant role in their culture as the people of Kashmir celebrate their festivals with a number of folk dances. One such folk dance that people practices in Kashmir is the Hikkat dance.


Kashmir, a region which forms the border of India, also called as the line of control and Pakistan has a mixed culture. There are Hindus and Muslims residing in the valleys of Kashmir. This Indian state has witnessed tremendous changes when it comes to the evolution of the place both in terms of culture and economy. Irrespective of the fact that Kashmir is sustained to a lot of problems in terms of politics and terrorism the people of Kashmir have not given up on their culture and the practices that follow it. When the term culture is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is dance. Among the various famous dances that evolved in Kashmir, Hikkat is one such famous folk dance. This form of dance is held at high value and appreciated both nationally and internationally by people.

Hikkat is one of the oldest known folk dances which are being performed in occasions like marriages. This dance is performed in auspicious occasions because of the high importance it holds when it comes to depicting the culture of Kashmir. Though the Hikkat dance form is very well known not much information regarding the dances origin and base is known to people. For that fact even the development of this dance remains a mystery to the historians and the people who practice this dance till date. But from the way the dance goes on it is very obvious that from the beginning of its origin, this dance was performed by young girls and young boys in pairs and groups as a purpose of merry making in weddings and other auspicious functions to celebrate and rejoice the event.

Description of Hikkat Dance

Hikkat is an old form of folk dance is generally performed by young girls and young boys during marriage ceremonies in the valleys of Kashmir. Hikkat is a very playful dance. This dance is a modified version of the games played by young children. The dancers who participate in this dance are called as Natio. The young girls and boys form couples and perform this dance. The young couples interlock their arms while facing each other and take part in the dance. While facing each other, the couples join their feet close together and bend their bodies and heads backwards from each other and go round and round. The rounds made by the couple are executed in a precise fashion while maintaining a dizzy spin throughout the dance. The spins initially are slow in fashion and as the rhythm of their bodies increase, the momentum increases and the spins made become faster. At one point in the dance, the law of nature takes over and the couples rejoice in that moment of briefness with joy. The most interesting part of the Hikkat dance is that, it is not accompanied by any musical instruments, not even a small beat is played while this dance is performed. The couples who perform sing songs without musical instruments and perform the dance. The songs sung by the couples usually are about their relationship with the elders of the place, the affection they have for them and the innocent relationship they hold with the older generation people.

While Hikkat is being performed not only do the dancers enjoy the thrill of the dance even the audience have a really good time. The audience claps and cheers the dancers. Hikkat is one form of dance known to release the stress of dancers in social get-togethers and parties apart from marriage ceremonies.

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