Bhand Jashan Dance

The cultural heritage of the India is elegant and rich. Each of its states has a distinct cultural legacy, thus, the country takes pride as one of the graceful countries across the globe. Amongst various culture and traditions, various dance forms increase the charm and grace of the country. Seeing the performances of this exquisite dance forms will take you to another world. Precisely speaking about folk dance, “Bhand Jashan dance” is something to look out for. It is considered to be the most aesthetical dance forms of Kashmir.

Bhand Jashan dance is a simple yet very attractive dance form of Kashmir. The term “Bhand” carries the meaning of the clown and “Jashan” means celebration. On every occasion in Kashmir, the dance troupe performs this dance form. Whether it is a child birth, wedding ceremony, or any other festive event this dance form is performed at the fullest.

Folk dances of India are charismatic. They are the backbone of the country and represent a cultural impression. You can witness the diversity and variety of this cultural legacy in the dance forms as well. Whether it is a wedding, childbirth, festive season no event goes without dance performances. These folk performances are accompanied with several musical instruments that gleefully and rhythmically mark the occasion.

Folk Dances of Kashmir

Kashmir is a paradise on earth. Renowned for its quiet lifestyle and natural beauty, the place is the heart throb for visitors across the globe. Kashmir is known for sharing its rich culture through various ways and one of them is through folk dance. The folk dances of the Kashmir encompass the entire populace, as though it is a festival itself. Some of the famous folk dances of Kashmir are Dumhal dance, Kud dance and Bhand Jashan dance.

History of Bhand Jashan Dance

The tradition and the history of the Bhand Jashan Dance is said to be performed for many generations. It is actually said to be centuries old that has an aura, to enhance the charm of the Kashmir region. The dance plays an important part of the Kashmir life and culture.

Bhand Jashan dance is the famous fold dance of the Kashmir. It is known as the ‘festival of clowns’ that also has a cultural legacy of 200-300 years old genre of Kashmir’s folk theatre. The dance is the combination of the play and dance in a satirical style.

The dance conveys the expression through various parodies made out of social situations. This dance is normally performed in the village squares or in a wider arena in front of a huge audience. The dance is performed by the group of fifteen to twenty people, wearing traditional styled attires. The dance is accompanied by the classical musical instrument like “Surnai” – it is the Kashmiri version of the Indian “Shehnai” along with Peshrao, Dhol and Nagara.


The Bhand Jashan dance is performed by the fifteen or twenty groups of people. There are no heavy musical instruments are used. All the performers in the dance put their hands on the waist of their co-dancers and together move backward and forward with the light rhythm of the beating of the musical instruments. Seeing this dance form, it seems that it is directly interacting with the audience since it is all about conveying the tales from the political views to social aspects.

The language used in the Bhand Jashan dance is not completely Kashmiri, but the combination of Hindi, Persian, Urdu and Punjabi depending on the subject of the dance chosen.

Where the Bhand Jashan Dance Performed

This dance is normally performed in the areas like Punchh, Sopor, Rajouri, Pahalgam and Kishtwar. These are the famous regions of Kashmir where this traditional folk dance has been performed since many years.

Costume for Bhand Jashan Dance

Since this dance form is the famous of all, the dance is performed by both women and men wearing the traditional attire.

For Women

For this dance, women wear Kashmiri Pheran type Kurta and Salwar to go along with it. They pin their head with a scarf on their head with a special jewelry of Kashmir. Moreover, there is a long cloth called “Dupatta” that is tied to their waist. Footwear remains the same as like men.

For Men

For this dance form, men wear vibrant Pyjama and Kurta with a colorful hat on their head as a headgear. There is this long stole kind of dupatta that is tied on their waist as well as head. Apart from this, men also carry a colorful handkerchief “Rumal” in their hands similar to like a “Bhangra” dance of Punjab state.

If you are one of those who love to watch culture and folk dances than Kashmir is the right place to be in. Honed with different cultures and sightseeing, this is one state that brings you the delight in every form.

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