Hafiza Dance

Jammu and Kashmir is home to some of the most enthralling forms of folk arts in India which has attracted to the attention of all visitors. The forms of dance, music and all other arts that are traditional to Kashmir are performed during different festivals of the state. The people of Kashmir indulge themselves in performing various dance forms during different festivals and ceremonies such as birth, marriage, sacred thread, harvest, etc. Hafiza is such a form of dance that is prevalent in Kashmir and mostly performed during marriage ceremonies.


The Hafiza dance form is performed by the ladies, who are specially trained for it. It might appear to be a simple dance but it is not that easy to perform. The professional dancers dance at the Heena nights as well as in the procession of the groom that goes to the bride’s house for marriage.


Like many other forms of Kashmiri dance, Hafiza dance is performed along with Sufiana Kalaam form of music. This is a kind of music that relates to the Sufis and hence, its lyrics have got the Persian literary touch. The songs are soothing and engage a person into deep thinking.

Reaching Jammu and Kashmir

If you visit Kashmir, you would be able to see the Hafiza dance by your own eyes. It is always a pleasure to see such folk expressions in their native lands. You would be able to reach Jammu and Kashmir by the train, bus and flights from other parts of India. International flights are very few, hence the best option is to make a break journey via Delhi.

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