Dumhal Dance

Perhaps you have already heard about the beauty of the land of Kashmir. It has been described as the ‘paradise on Earth’ by people who have visited this place because of it mesmerizing sceneries and the soothing serenity. However, this place is not only known for its wonderful beauty but also because of its cultural richness. This land is the home for some of the well known Indian traditional folk expressions in the form of dance, music and acting. Dumhal Dance is such a dance that needs specific mention.


Dumhal dance is performed only by the males belonging to the Wattal tribal community of Kashmir. It is one of the most famous folk dances that are performed by the people of Kashmir. This form of dance is generally performed during special occasions. The performers are very attractively dressed during performing the Dumhal dance. They wear colourful attires that are generally very long. An interesting thing in their attire is the presence of a conical cap. The cap they wear is generally decorated with shells and beads.


Along with dance, they sing soothingly beautiful songs in a chorus. The musical instrument that is used to create music is the drum. The songs when tuned with music it feels awesome to be heard and gives a pleasant feeling. A banner is dug on the ground around which the men start dancing. This form of dance is generally performed during selected occasions as a ritual.

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