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Ziyarat Dastageer Sahib

A place of worship for followers of Sufi, Ziyarat of Dastageer Sahib belongs to Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jelani. He was an Islamic scholar with a lineage of Ghaus-Ul-Azam. This holy shrine is 200 year old and it is located at Khaniyar in Srinagar. This shrine is located at a scenic place in Gulmarg.

This ancient shrine attracts people from all over India to pray and to have a glimpse of Ziyarat. In every Ziyarat, there is a place for feeding pigeons with grains. People of every age love to feed pigeons here. It gives one immense peace and pleasure.

Historic Factor

The Ziyarat of Dastageer Sahib is one of the many ancient shrines present in Srinagar. It is an old place of worship of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA), also known as Gaus-ul-Azam Dastgeer Sahab (RA). Mostly made of wood, this shrine is decorated with splendid chandeliers that add to the look of the shrine. This makes it beautiful from inside.


Native people of Kashmir are deeply attached to most of the shrines here such as Shahe Hamdaan Mosque, Hazrat Bal, Ziyarat of Dastageer Sahib Khanyar, Shrine of Chrar Sharief and Ziyarat of Makhdoom Sahib. They fasten threads in these shrines as a mark of their wishes and people come back to open these when the wish is completed. Some of the shrines are popular for carrying out a ritual of Zar Kasai, a ritual when the first haircut of a newborn happens. These shrines serve yellow cooked rice (Tehar Distribution) and fried dishes of rice powder and lotus stem. All of these are sold at sweet shops around the shrines.

Architecture and Legacy

This shrine is located on a large area because of which it is surrounded by many markets. The shrine is beautiful from within, mostly embedded with wooden carving panels that cover most of the mausoleum. Along with this, one can see unique chandeliers hanging from the roof to give this place a truly royal look. The shrine has large colourful windows that enhance its beauty in the sunlight. Green coloured windows surround the outside of the mausoleum.

Only 1.5 km away from Rajniwari is the legendary shrine of Dastageer Sahib. No tomb or catacomb is present inside this shrine but there is a mosque holding the holy remains of Peer Dastageer Sahib. Just like Naqashband Sahib, Dastageer Sahib had never visited Kashmir but some of his admirers brought his relics to this place. A Khankaah was also built by Khwaja Sakhi Shah Sahib in the ruling period of Noor Ud Din Khan. It is heard that Khwaja Sahib started Silsila Qadria in Kashmir. Because of that, native admirers of Dastageer Sahib are known as Qadrees. Ziyarat had experienced many repairs during the ruling period of Maharaja Ranbir Singh. The pandits (Hindu priests) also bow before it. It is also said that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross but actually his wounds were healed and he moved towards Kashmir. 

Damage Caused by Fire

Ziyarat of Dastageer Sahib suffered a terrible fire incident in June 2012. This incident plunged the natives into agony and grief. But local police officials did not want violence to be raised with this incident so they planted securities at all local sensitive points. This fire had a grief effect on people of the valley. Despite the security, commuters clashed and a large number of people were injured including cops. According to caretakers, the holy remains of Dastageer Sahib were safely retrieved from the shrine despite the massive fire. However, the fire shattered chandeliers and destroyed a lot of precious wood panels of this mausoleum.

This shrine is being reconstructed and it is believed that the damage will be recovered and scattered structure will be revived.

How to Reach

The Ziyarat is located centrally at Srinagar, which makes getting there easy. Jammu Railway Station is the closest to Srinagar and both of them are 290 km away. This railway station is connected to all major stations in India such as Mumbai and Delhi. Various buses and taxies are available to escort you to Srinagar.

Another way is to travel by air. The airport here is also connected to all the major cities and regular flights are available at short intervals.

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