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Durgah Of Peer Budhan Ali Shah

Located about 8 km towards Satwari region near Jammu airport, Durgah of Peer Budhan Ali Shah lies across Tawi River. This durgah is famous for the belief that it protects the people of Jammu from evil spirits and mishaps.

This shrine is world famous and is thronged by hundreds of pilgrims who come here to pay their offerings in the form of edible items such as oil and fruits. Devotees visiting this durgah don’t belong to any particular religion. The shrine has been worshipped by these people for ages for its miraculous powers. Also called Satwari Wale Peer Baba, it is flocked by masses particularly on Thursday to seek the blessings of Budhan Ali Shah.

Baba Budhan Shah took birth at Talwandi in Punjab and later turned into a dear friend of Guru Gobind Singh. Peer Baba is believed to have lived his whole life on milk of goats that were guarded by his tiger and so lived till the age of 500 years. Another shrine of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is situated at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. Baba earned a lot of respect from his devotees at Jammu and Kashmir. Ever after he died, people admired him and the power of faith remained.

Historic Factor

The famous Durgah of Peer Baba is linked with two Sikh Gurus. Once Guru Nanak went to meet the Peer Baba Budhan Ali Shah. He told Guru Nanak that his tiger had gone out to graze the goats and was worried that he might eat Nanak once he returns. For which Guru Dev replied that if the tiger does not harm Peer Baba, then how he could harm Nanak. That is what happened. On his return, the tiger did not harm Guru Nanak Dev. Instead, he paid respect to him. Baba Budhan ordered the tiger to milk the goats and offer it to Guru. But Guru Nanak did not accept the milk. Instead, he said “I will drink it during the sixth Padshahi”. Listening to this, Peer Baba replied that he may not live for so long and may die anytime because of his growing age. Guru Nanak then predicted that he would not die soon and would live longer so he should save the milk for him. Guru Nanak Dev blessed him for a longer life and asked Peer Baba to trust him. On this, Baba asked Guru that how he would recognize him. Guru Nanak said that he would shake the thumb of his right hand when they meet next.

During sixth Padshahi, Guru HargobingJi visited Baba and demanded milk. Peer Budhan Shah asked for identification and in reply he pressed his right hand thumb. Baba insisted HargobindJi to appear in the form of Guru Nanak. He did that and then Peer Baba offered him fresh warm milk.

Peer Baba Budhan Shah’s Samadhi is at the Gurudwara at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab where he spent his last days of life and then died at the age of 500.

The Shrine

Peer Budhan Shah’s tomb is near Jammu airport and is referred as Khanqah-e-Budhan Ali Shah as registered in the records of the state. It is said that the original grave of Peer Baba is in Kiratpur as he was buried there according to his own wish. The courtyard has graves of his tiger and goats. According to beliefs, some of his devotees brought mud from Kiratpur Tomb and brought it to Jammu to raise a tomb there.

Thousands of people throng Ziyarat of the Peer on Urs every year. This is the first Thursday of Ashad. The occasion attracts a large number of people from all over the country. Hindu, Sikh and Muslim devotees are seen is equal numbers here.

According to stories shared by Baba’s devotees, this Durgah was once on the verge of being demolished as ordered by Jammu Airport officers because it was adjacent to the airport. They said this shrine obstructs the runway. But later, it is believed that Baba appeared in one of the officer’s dream who then took back the orders and became a true devotee of Peer. Instead, the runway was moved further from the shrine.

How to Reach

Durgah of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is located on the outskirts of Jammu. Reaching the durgah is quite convenient. One can first get to Jammu Railway Station or Jammu Airport. From here, one can hire a cab to get to the durgah.

The railway station is well connected to cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Trivandrum. Regular flights operate from Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai to Jammu Airport.

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