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Zeyarat Baba Reshi

A shrine of saint Baba payam-Din, Zeyarat Baba Reshi is situated near Alpather Lake at a distance of about 13 kilometers from Gulmarg. This shrine is located in Baranulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. Interestingly, this shrine is covered with a chaddar that’s designed with beautiful work. It is said that following his renunciation, Baba Reshi used to pray and meditate at this shrine.

Holding a lot of religious value and belief, this shrine welcomes thousands of devotees seeking wishes and aspirations. Once a wish comes true, devotees revisit the shrine to make an offering to the saint. Baba Reshi is also famously known to grant 'child wish'. A renowned Muslim saint, Baba Reshi was a courtier of 15th century Kashmir King Zain-ul-Abidin. He gave up materialistic belongings to give up his life to serve common people. This shrine was built in 1480 following his demise.

Historic Factor

Zeyarat Baba Reshi sits on the slopes in Baramulla area in Jammu and Kashmir. Baba Reshi was a great Muslim scholar who breathed his last in 1480 at this shrine where prior to his death he spent his days in prayers and meditation. Reshi used to observe hardworking ants that one day made him turn ascetic. He was a disciple of Baba Zainuddin Rishi. He was the principal disciple of Sheikh Nur-ud-din (Nund Rishi).

Under Zainuddin Rishi’s guidance, Baba Payamuddin went to Ramboh to help common people and perform miracles. Here he built a daan, a fire place. Till today, people visit place to offer sacrifices and ask for wishes.

Damage Caused by Fire

Somewhere in the 90s, the place known as daan that Baba Reshi built in the village Ramboh went ablaze.

Architecture and Legacy

Situated at a distance of about 7,000 feet, the Zeyarat Baba Reshi shrine is housed near Ramboh village in Baramulla District that’s around three miles from Tangmarg, on way to Gulmarg. Made in Mughal and Persian style, the tomb holds aesthetic value and is named Baba Payamuddin (Pam Din) who was visited by the Chak Dynasty Rulers of Kashmir. Built in 1480, the shrine comprises a lavish garden that also makes it a major tourist attraction.

The tomb inside the shrine holds superb woodwork that makes it a great piece of art. Placed at a height of 2,133 meters, this shrine lies between Gulmarg and Tangmarg. It can accommodate thousands of devotees. The design of the building is a mixture of the Persian and the Mughal architecture. Zeyarat Baba Reshi is a three-storey monument that holds several gateways for entry. There’s a unique roof spire rising out of the roof top.

How to Reach

Visiting Zeyarat Baba Reshi is convenient. The nearest airport from Baramulla is Srinagar Airport, which is at a distance of around 30 minutes. The airport is well connected with cities such as Delhi, Leh, Jammu, Mumbai, Indore and Nagpur.

However, the area is also well connected by road via NH-1A. It is linked with various towns. Srinagar is just 55 kilometers away by road from Baramulla. Baramulla is well joined with cities including Delhi, Srinagar and Chandigarh by Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) and some private services.

The nearest railway station is the Jammu Tawi railway station that’s situated at a distance of around 360 kilometers. This station is well connected via rail with cities such as New Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Jalandhar, Bhopal, Agra, Nagpur etc.

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