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Jamia Masjid

Sultan Sikandar, In the year 1385 cmmissioned this huge Jamia Masjid which is now known as the Jama Maslid. Owing to the Masjid’s magnificent t Indo-Saracenic architectural brilliance and the religious practices of the Kashmiri Muslims, The Jamia Masjid or the Jama Masjid is frequented by vistors round the year and there is a huge congregation particularly during the Friday Prayer.

Srinagar, Apart from being the state capital also houses the historic and the iconic Jama Masjid. The mosque is thronged by thousands of Muslims in Kashmir who gathere here in arge numbers to congregate for prayers on Friday. With 370 Pillars to support its structure, The Mosque is a danting figure in Nowhatta.

Away from the silent calmness of the sacred mosque lies the noise of the busy market. Sultan Sikandar was the original creator of the mosque in the 1400s. The Mosque was built in a classic style of Saracenic - Indo manner. The courtyard of the original structure was extended by Zain Ul Abidin.

Like any other Masjid, The Islamic followers believe in the sacredness of the Jamia Masjid. Jama Masjid is not comparable to the other mosques in Kashmir due to the evident eloquence of its structural beauty. With 570 pillars in all, Jamia MAsjid remains to be a marvel of Kashmir and is a witness to the historical evolution of Kashmir.

The practices in the Jamia Masjid echo the practices of Muslims worldwide. Sermons are read out by the Islamic Scholars to muslim believers who come to this Masjid from India and from abroad.

Historic Factor

Jamia Masjid has had a toubled time since eternity. Although the efforts of architect and historian Malik Haider Chaudara saved the Jamia Masjid through his renovation, The Jamia Masjid was burnt almost into rubble during Aurangeb’s rule. The Masjid, At present, has been bult and rebuilt again till the last time when it was restored in its Original style.
Maharaj Pratap Singh played a crucial role in the construction of the mosque. Although never involved in the actual construction, The Maharaja was the acting ruler of Kashmir when the major part of the revamp was on. Prata Singh’s enthusiasm in building the mosque again and his constant monetary support made the mosque into one of utmost pride for Kashmir.

Damage Caused by Fire

Tha Jama Masjid was majorly constructed by woods and still sadly, the mosque caught fire a total of three times. Each time, the Mosque was renovated. This tragedy of fire happened thrice with the Masjid and has been safe since it was renovated by the Maharaja Prata Singh. Jamia Masjid has seemed to be a masjid with utmost courage to have stood through the punches of time and still remains to in its utmost glory and calls the faithfull for prayers 5 times in a day.

Architecture and Legacy

Spread in a vast space of 384 X 381 feet, The Jamia Masjid is the epitome of the Indo – Sacreanic style . With four daunting minar or the towers, The Quadrangular Masjid is roofed extremely beautifully. With each of its roof having a pyramidal shape, The Masjid is topped by the former’s termination is at an open battlement and a elevated summit. A total of 387 pillars are used to support the main hallway which also connects the four minars of the mosque. The exterior of the masjid is ornamented by means of yellow poppies coating and several graceful gardens.

Acting as the finest example of its architecture, the jamia Masjid with the support of 370 pillars, hads stood as one of the most holy and beautiful monument of Jammu and Kashmir. The total area covered by the historical masque equals to 384 feet by 381 feet which can accommodate more that 33,000 people during a single congregational prayer.With its high roofs, Huge Minars and extraordinary designing grammar, The Jamia Masjid ius used by beileivers to offer prayer in a congregation at an altitude which is no less than that of Kashmir.

How to Reach

Located at the very heart of the capital city, reaching the Jamia Masjid is no trouble at all

When approaching Srinagar by train, One must get off at the Jammu station which is 290 kms from the capital city. Jammu though has an excellent connectivity of trains particularly from Chennai, Delhi, Trivandrum and Bangalore which have direct connectivity to Jammu from where cabs and buses can be hired to reach Srinagar.

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