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Dastgir Sahib Shrine

Dastgir Sahib Shine is located at Srinagar. It has been known for the communal syncretism and harmony for many decades. The shrine has colourful panels that have been carved to wrench down the Aytal Kursi. Devotees are seen tying threads to the wooden ledge with the desire of having their wishes fulfilled.

It is believed that people have got rid of their sufferings and sorrows after a visit to the shrine. Prayers of people have always been answered at this shrine. Men as well as women are welcomed at this place. The shrine is surrounded by a huge market. To take photographs tourists need to take permission from the attendants.

Historic Factor

The shrine of Dastgir Sahib is 200 years old. It is situated in Khaniya in Kashmir. It is said that Gous E Azam never stayed here. The shrine was constructed in 1806 and in 1877 it was expanded by Khwaja Sanaullah Shawl.

Architecture and Legacy

The shrine is considered to be a great religious and cultural heritage. It is a fanciful shrine green and white in colour. The Sufi shrine has a spired tower and filigree wooden work on the exterior part. The interiors are colourfully faceted with amazing papier-mâché scroll work surrounding a series of graves. These graves have gaudy fairy lights.

Tourists will be amazed to see the contribution that the Arabic scriptures and floral motifs make to the mosque. The carved panels have intricate designs and the Aytal Kursi hangs at the door. These are the major attractions in the mosque.

Damage Caused by Fire

On 25th June, 2012, a serious fire destroyed the previously old and wonderful section of the Shrine. The remaining part does not match up to the previous remarkable charm of the shrine. Repairs have been made and are still being made to bring back the former glory of the shrine.

Best Time to Visit

Devotees visit the shrine on the Urs of the Gous E Azam. This is the time people from all over the country flock to the mosque to offer prayers to Allah. Ziyarat is quite popular and it happens during this time.

How to Reach

Dastgir Sahib Shrine is located conveniently in Srinagar. The nearest railways station is Jammu Tawi Railway station at a distance of 290 kilometres from Srinagar. You will get trains to and from this station to all the major cities in India. A taxi ride from the railway station can help you reach Srinagar.

There are regular flights from cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh to the nearest airport in Srinagar. For foreign tourists it will be best to take a flight to Delhi International Airport and then take a connecting flight to Srinagar airport.

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