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Thajiwas Glacier

Located just 7 Km from the beautiful hill station of Sonmarg in Kashmir is Thajiwas Glacier. Sonmarg is the hidden jewel of Kashmir that features lush meadows, soaring peaks topped with snow. Tourists can see pretty scenes of nature like horses grazing around the grasslands and small streams gushing through the area. Thajiwas Glacier is located at a height of 3000m above sea level and is covered with snow almost all around the year.

Thajiwas Glacier is among the most adventurous treks from Sonmarg. The trek passes through lush greenery and a frozen lake. From the glaciers, a path leads up the Shakhdar Hill. Tourists can enjoy delightful views of the glacier and its surroundings from the hill. Tourists travelling to Thajiwas Glacier during early summer can meet people from the Gujar tribe going towards the alpine meadows. They visit Sonmarg during the summer months to earn money and return to Jammu when the winters start setting-in.

The ascent up the Sindh River makes Thajiwas Glacier even more amazing and exciting. About 5Km from the glacier is a beautiful place where tourists can see nature at its best. The meadow is covered with fir and pine trees and the area has a number of waterfalls making it look like paradise. With the Himalayas surrounding the area, Thajiwas Glacier is an excellent destination to enjoy some fun time in natural settings.

Tourism in Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier is the main attraction in Sonmarg. Tourists can enjoy a sledge ride in the area even during the summer season. During the peak season, sledges can be hired from the Gujars who offer rides across the glacier. The area surrounding the glacier is excellent for camping. The trek to the glacier is one of the most amazing treks that you can experience. You can also take a pony ride to the glacier. The trek can be strenuous as it is uphill and on the way tourists can see beautiful waterfalls and streams.
Tourists can walk across the glacier, which is a unique and thrilling experience. The walk can be slippery because of the snow but is worth a try. It is best for tourists to hire a guide as they know the best places to see the most beautiful and amazing views.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to Sonmarg is the Srinagar Airport. The airport is about 70 Km from Sonmarg. Taxis and buses are available from Srinagar airport to Sonmarg. From Sonmarg, Thajiwas Glacier is just 7 Km away.

Transportation in the form of pony rides is easily available from Sonmarg to Thajiwas Glacier. The pony ride can cost Rs. 1500 during peak season and Rs. 500 during off season. Tourists can also opt to trek to the glacier.

By Train

The nearest major railhead to Sonmarg is at Udhampur (246Km) or at Jammu (301Km). Sonmarg can be reached from the railway station by taxis or buses.

By Road

Sonmarg is conveniently connected to other places in Jammu and Kashmir. The J&K State Road Transport Corporation runs regular bus service from Jammu and Srinagar. Luxury coaches are also available from Jammu and Srinagar. Taxis can also be taken to reach Sonmarg.

Best Time to Visit Thajiwas Glacier

Sonmarg has a wonderful climate. From chilly and snowy winters to pleasant summers, the area experiences cool climate. The most suitable time to visit Thajiwas Glacier is from April to October.

  • Winters (November to March) are cold with the temperature going below zero. Snowfall is common in the area and tourists can get exciting views of snow covered peaks and landscapes.
  • Summers (April to October) are pleasant and cool. This is the best season to enjoy the sightseeing and exciting activities. Snow can be seen on the mountain peaks.
  • Monsoon (July to September) months do not receive much rain but the mountainous terrain of the area can become slippery. Enjoying outdoor activities during this time can be quite challenging.

Tourists planning a trip to explore Thajiwas Glacier will find the summer months to be the most suitable time. Winters are also good for experiencing winter sports like snowboarding, skiing, etc. Visiting the area is not a complete ‘no’ during the monsoons, but people interested in trekking can find the weather and terrain difficult.

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