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Apharwat Peak

Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Srinagar and is located at a distance of 56 kilometers from city of Srinagar. The name Gulmarg is derived from the word "Gul", which means “flowers” and therefore, the word “Gulmarg” stands for "a ground of flowers". The name is apt for this hill station as a tour along this terrain will take one through a vast range of flowers, each well-placed at suitable distances. On a similar note, a trip to Gulmarg will take one to a different dimension altogether, one brimming with greenery and color. Several places such as Kingdori, Khilanmarg, Kongdori are well known tourist attractions and one can easily hop-on to a comfortable pony ride from Gulmarg. A little lower than Gulmarg lies the holy shrine of a Muslim Saint better known as Baba Reshi. This shrine is often visited by several tourists from across the country.

Apharwat Peak has one of the most attractive locales in Gulmarg and is popular with the ski-loving population, ultimately providing an enthralling experience to every skier. This peak is situated near the Alpathar Lake and provides a magnificent view during summers and winters. Those who aren't well-versed or fascinated with skiing can take a quick sleigh travel to the very tip of the Apharwat peak. During summers, the Apharwat peak is entirely different from what it looks like in winters. The lush green surroundings and the well-bred horse paddocks make for an exciting combination. This Apharwat peak provides an excellent stage for learning the sport of skiing or for polishing one's skills. These snow enclosed peaks are considerably popular with all kinds of ski aficionados and offer supreme challenges for the even the best skiers around. This peak is totally encapsulated by enchanting snowy peaks and a serene lake, with a calm surface that reflects the glory of the peaks and the adjoining greenery in all its grandeur. The view itself carries one to a distant world, one that's free from the hustle, bustle and congestion of the regular city life. The scenery from the tip of the peak is breathtaking, all thanks to panoramic vista of Gulmarg and its surrounding vales. Dig into that pristine snowfall or endure an entertaining snow-fight. Make your own exciting version of a snowman and take home some wonderful memories of the time well-spent with your family and loved ones. All-in-all, your trip to Gulmarg will be incomplete without a visit to Apharwat peak.

Apharwat Peak is around 13500 feet above sea level. Positioned at approximately 13 km from Gulmarg, it is a prominent tourist destination. This snow enclosed mountain is remotely placed near the LOC with Pakistan.

Tourism in Apharwat Peak

Travelers must visit the Ningle Nallah, a glowing mountain stream that originates from the extreme point of the Apharwat peak. This stream runs down the peak and unites with the Jhelum River near Spore. Tourists can cross the river through a viaduct which ends in Khilanmarg. This is also a well-known tourist spot. The ‘Outer Circle Walk’ of the Valley appeals to the senses of the traveler. While walking, visitors can dive into the magnificence and grandeur of the peaks along with the splendid view provided by the fourth uppermost mountain on earth: the Nanga Parbat, appropriately placed at a height of 8500 m.

The pleasant climate, glorious landscapes, vast areas of blooming flowers, lush green pine forests and the striking lakes of Gulmarg attract travelers from all walks of life. Skiing, Heli-skiing and Trekking comprise the list of most preferred tourist sports. Heli-skiing is a sport that involves dropping one from the helicopter to the preferred peak of choice from where one can choose his personal way of descent. Moreover, the Apharwat peak doubles up as a trekking center for those who would love their treks to the Nanga Parbat, Pir Panjal Range and Khilanmarg. The Apharwat peak is a haven for beauty and provides one of the best-in-class nature tour packages around. Also, the Alpathar Lake is a gorgeous lake at the pedestal of Apharwat peaks. Its waters remain iced till the month of June.

Best Time to Visit

Visitors can plan a trip to Gulmarg during any season of the year. However, the best time to visit the area lies between the months of March and October.

How to Reach

The Apharwat peak can be easily be reached via airways, railways, or roadways, whichever suits the best.

The Apharwat peak leads to the Alpathar Lake, a striking alpine lake whose waters remain frozen until June. For the lovers of horse riding, Alpathar Lake makes for a thrilling day's tour. A little lower than Gulmarg lies the holy place of Baba Reshi, a Muslim spiritualist saint whose shrine is visited by people of all faiths. It's a 600 meter ascent from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg. However, due to untimely spring and the melting of snows, it can be a vicious task comprising of an hour's climb up the prominence. The effort is absolutely worth it and the endurance results in a sweeping view of the immense Himalayas from Nanga Parbat to the identical 7,100 meter peak of Nun along with Kun to the southeast.

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