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Suru Valley

Carved by the Suru River, Suru Valley is located in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. Suru Valley is among the most beautiful areas of Ladakh. The valley is located at the base of the north-eastern foothills of the Himalayas. The main town in Suru Valley is Kargil, which is the second largest town in Ladakh.

Suru Valley showcases pristine vistas and amazing scenes of nature. The area looks amazing during the spring season when the apricot and apple trees are in full bloom. Mountains up to 10,000 ft in height can be found surrounding the valley. The most prominent mountains in the lower Suru Valley are Kun and Nun. The area is known for cultivation wheat, barley and millet. Suru Valley is also the place where poplar and willow trees grow. The wood from the willow trees is used for making cricket bats.

The summer months are the best for visiting Suru Valley. The summer months offer people respite from the usually chilly and cold weather. The terrain of Suru Valley is mountainous and rugged giving tourists several opportunities of enjoying adventure sports and sightseeing. The valley extends from Panzella glacier to the town of Kargil where the Suru and the Botkul rivers. The valley rises to an elevation of 3000m above sea level.

Tourism in Suru Valley

Suru Valley offers several trekking trails and mountaineering options. The valley is also known for its sightseeing and flourishing vegetation. Tourists can spot mountains covered with snow and streams and glaciers running down the Himalayan slopes. The three-day trek to Dras Pass is one of the most amazing experiences. The trek takes tourists trough green meadows, rolling hills and other scenic views.

The area offers a few facilities for the visitors. The Jammu & Kashmir Tourism offers basic tourist guest houses in some of the villages in Suru Valley. The village of Rangdum offers camping facilities. Mountaineering expeditions for the Nun Kun peaks start from the Tangole village.

How to Reach

The town of Kargil is the main point of access to Suru Valley. Kargil is connected to other villages in Suru Valley by bus. Some of the main villages in Suru Valley that are connected to Kargil include Sankoo, Parachik and Panikhar. Sankoo is 2 hours, Panikhar is 3 hours and Parachik is 4 hours away from Kargil. Rangdum is connected to Padum in the Zanskar Valley by a bi-weekly bus service.

By Air

The closest airport to Suru Valley is at Leh. Leh is connected to Delhi, Chandigarh and Srinagar. From Leh, tourists can get buses, hire taxis, car rentals or motorcycles to get to Kargil or any other spot in Suru Valley.

By Train

The nearest railhead to Suru Valley is at Kalka. From Kalka, tourists can reach Leh and from there, they can get buses, taxis, or rentals to reach Suru Valley.

By Road

Suru Valley can be reached by road from various points. The two main routes are from Srinagar and from Manali. The Srinagar-Leh and the Manali-Leh highways are rocky and it can often become difficult to drive around the area in winters or when it rains.

Best Time to Visit Suru Valley

Suru Valley sees six months of summers and six months of winters. Winters in Suru Valley are severe and the area experiences heavy snowfall. The best time to visit Suru Valley is during the summer months. The summers are pleasant and the temperatures are mild, the days are warm and pleasant and the nights are cold. Summer months are a great relief for the locals, as it is the time for cultivation and earning.

  • Winters (November to May) are severe in Suru Valley. The area sees heavy snowfall and temperatures are below zero degrees. In winters, the area is covered with a thick layer of snow.
  • Summers (May to October) are warm and nice. It is the most preferred time for tourists to visit the area. Suru Valley experiences summer for a longer duration as compared to other parts of Ladakh.
  • Monsoon season is usually not seen in Suru Valley. During the summers, the area receives some rain.

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