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Darhal Malkan

With the northeast of Rajouri town placed at a distance of 25 kms, Darhal Malkan is a gorgeous valley located about 23 km north of Rajouri and approximately 180 km north-west to Jammu, the frost capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Rajouri is at a total distance of 157 km to the north-west of Jammu. Rajouri is a township and also a municipal council in the Rajouri area in Jammu and Kashmir. A significant town on the road Poonch, Rajouri is a vital spot for security lookouts and probes. Rajouri is around 130 kilometers or 81 miles away from city of Jammu on the way Poonch Highway. Rajouri is also known as the “Valley of Lakes” as there are several lakes in and around the city.

Rajouri, in ancient times, was well known as Rajapura which stands for 'the kings Land'. One can find its mention in the travelogue of the Chinese traveler Yuan Chawang who traveled through the city in 632 AD and placed it under the division of Kashmiri authority. Still prevalent in the Buddhist period, it formed a part of the Gandhar terrain in North-West Punjab along with parts of the North-West border region of Pakistan. Later, it was incorporated in the area now well known as Daravabhisara, which mainly consists of the mountainous stretch from Poonch to Kashmir.

Darhal Malkan is a bowl-shaped valley formed by placid sloping mountains placed on every side. The breathtaking scenery has created a fitting ground for sport lovers of every kind who can be easily blown away if the available sport amenities are improved. On the way to Darhal Malkan is the Khanghah of Saint Ganj Baba. This imparts a significant spiritual significance and harmony to this region. The constant flow of the pristine water of Darhal Tawi adds more charisma to its grandeur.

Tourism in Darhal Malkan

There is an abundant supply of places worth seeing and the most visited ones among them are the Lal Bauli and Panj Piri. Travelers planning a tour to the region of Darhal Malkan must stay at the holy place of Panj Pir. It is considered to be the latent place of the five saints and their sister. This place is constantly visited by numerous pilgrims that also comprise of Parliamentary and Military workers. Lal Bauli, a spring lake, is another attractive feature of the Darhal Malkan.

Several species of fish can be seen around the waters by the visiting tourists. The district is loved mainly for its lakes, which include Chamar Sar, Katori Sar, Diya Sar, Samot Sar, Gum Sar, Bhag Saran and Akal Darshini to name a chosen few. The Mangladevi Fort, Thannamandi Sarai, Muradpur Sarai and Mosque, Naogazi Ziarat and Nadpur Sarai are the other famous attractions in Darhal Malkan. All of the above mentioned lakes are located in the higher areas of Pir Panjal Range and freeze during winter. They are then opened for rafting or boating only once the summer season returns. This is mainly during the months from June - October.

The entire region has remained untouched by pollution and congestion and paves the way to step on the clean and pure lines of the Northern Himalayas. All the trails have a uniquely personified aura. These passes lay covered with snow throughout the winter which only begins melting in the months of April or May. These passes are opened to the general public only from the first week of October along with the Bakerwal shepherds and Gujjars who add a unique feel to the area with their traditional appearance.

How to Reach Darhal Malkan

By Air

The closest domestic airport is at Poonch, Jammu. The Airport, which is situated approximately 250 km away, is connected to several well-known areas such as Goa, Mumbai, Srinagar, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Leh.

By Train

The nearest available Railway Station to Poonch is the Tawi railway station.

By Bus

Travelers can avail of buses for Poonch from the city of Jammu. These buses ply on a regular basis and even the state buses, which provide economical services, are stationed here.

By Car

Taxis can be hired on a sharing basis. These include vehicles such as Tata Sumo, Travera, Tempo Traveler and many more. They are seen on the highway on a usual basis and move to and fro throughout the day.

Best Time to Visit Darhal Malkan

The best time period to visit the place is during the long summers which begin from April and go on till June. Travelers can experience the area of Rajouri even during the winters as the climate, although chilly, is absolutely favorable and perfect for tourism. The region of Poonch witnesses mild climatic conditions during the entire year and tourists can visit the area at any given time. However, the months of October and November are considered to have the perfect weather for vacations and sightseeing.

Placed amidst magnificent snow-capped peaks along with beautiful lakes, serene streams, ripening fruits, blossoming trees, lush green forests and several age-old monuments, the Poonch district is a paradise that's worth a visit, at least once in your life.

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