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National Police Museum

The National Police Museum located within the premises of the Central Bureau of Investigation at CGO Complex on Lodi Road in New Delhi is a fascinating and thrilling museum devoted to crime and criminals and especially those who pursue an interest in them can savour a breathtaking experience by visiting this institution.

The museum was inaugurated in the year 1991 to highlight on the working of the Police Forces across the country. It has a diverse collection of memorabilia from all over India.  It depicts a vivid picture of the police working, the patterns of crime, the mindset of criminals, the evolution of the investigation methodologies and the various case studies of some of the most significant crimes committed and the approach to solve them that took place during various times and on several occasions within the ambit of the country's territory.


The main items in display at the National Police Museum were collected from various police forces across the country be it the State Forces or the Central Forces that very aptly accounts each and every nuances of the crime and judicial fabric of the country focussing on the minutes of details and incorporating each and every information possible to their utmost extent. Also some of the assemblages are inputs obtained from foreign countries that helps to render the comparative analysis of the Indian and foreign methodologies for crime and crime-solution and leave behind subtle innuendos as to the gradual progress of this line of research in the country.

The displayed items include:

  • Weapons
  • Images
  • Forged documents
  • Counterfeiter equipments
  • Crime accessories
  • Old techniques of the Forensic Science Laboratories
  • Old techniques of the Finger Print Bureau of Centre
  • Old techniques of the Finger Print Bureau of States
  • New techniques of the Forensic Science Laboratories
  • New techniques of the Finger Print Bureau of Centre
  • New techniques of the Finger Print Bureau of States

The main focal points that one is unlikely to fail to notice are:

  • Perfection of Performance
  • Rapid and Apt Mode of Investigation
  • Vigilant Meticulousness of Vigilance

The awe-inspiring presentations linked with both crime and investigation have been achieved through consolidation of confiscated components, bizarre and uncanny snaps, attainments of forgery and fascinating artefacts bearing supreme importance of national as well as international stature. These awareness generating displays of the National Police Museum profess about the types of crimes, their prospective threats, the nature of the offenders, and the possible ways of avoiding and eradicating these crimes. Equally mind boggling are the scientific apparatuses and Hi-Fi techniques availed by the forensic science laboratories and the ability of the finger-print bureaus. Thus the entire process commencing from crime detection to criminal prosecution, is the prima facie of the National Police Museum, New Delhi. It even goes to the extent of satiating the thirst of the inquisitive minds through engrossing case studies, captivating transcripts of historic FIRs, weapons and several other enchanting objects of wonder.

Information for Visitors

  • Timings: The visiting hours for the National Police Museum, New Delhi, ranges from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday and is kept closed during the weekends and on occasions of National Holidays. However it permits school groups on request on Saturdays.
  • Ticket Cost: The entry is free as of now however photography and filming is prohibited until prior permission is obtained from the museum authorities.
  • Location: Lodi Road, Delhi
  • Attractions: Collection of items used in the police force of the country


How to Reach

By Road

Roads are well connected in this area. One can easily reach the national philatelic museum by the local transports like auto, cab or taxi.

By Air

Delhi is very well connected to all the major cities across the world and also the other cities of the country. As you reach the airport, you will have ample options to reach this museum.  

By Train

Delhi metro railway is one of the most efficient communication systems in Delhi. Nearest metro station would be Jawaharlal Nehru metro station that you can easily avail from other parts of the city.

By Bus

The DTC bus service is also available from different parts of the city as well that you can avail to reach this museum.









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