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National Agricultural Science Museum

The Window to Indian Agricultural History

The National Agriculture Science Museum or NASM is an important destination on the itinerary of people who are interested in knowing more about the science behind modern farming and how it can help people and the society at large. The museum vividly showcases the techniques adopted for farming from ancient and medieval India.

Location and History

NASM is situated opposite Dasghara in Rajendra Place, New Delhi inside the National Agriculture Science Center Complex. NASM is an initiative by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The Ministry of Culture gave NASM its final shape and it was established in 2004. Visitors can learn and see the evolution of the country’s agriculture right from the pre-historic times to the modern era. The set up is done in a well-planned and detailed manner so that even those not associated and connected with the agricultural industry can understand the evolution and processes easily.

What To Look For

The NASM is fully air-conditioned and designed creatively to provide visitors with broad information on everything associated with agriculture using audio-visual process. The exhibits are displayed across two sprawling floors. There are about 150 exhibits neatly separated into 10 different sections. They are structured and presented in a layout that’s extremely user-friendly and also interactive. Detailed information is provided through models and pictures which help visitors understand the topic better.

The Speaking Statue and Other Marvels

One of the key objects of attraction at the museum is the Speaking Statue which works on the science of combining sound and light. The interactive touch screen kiosk also attracts a large number of visitors. The auditorium in the museum can hold 30 people at a time. They can view films about the museum and agriculture. The marine aquarium, yet another spectacular creation inside the museum was created in collaboration with the Central Marine fisheries institute.  

Children’s Section

The museum has a complete segment that’s dedicated exclusively to children. The segment offers valuable and interesting information that cover topics such as water cycle, photosynthesis, diet and other factors which are of particular interest to children and their curious minds.

Children can participate in games and riddles which are quite interactive in nature. These games are based on flowers, fruits, and diet. They can also participate in quiz on agriculture. The whole focus is on making children aware of the importance of agriculture and to provide them ample knowledge on this subject in a fun way.

Audio Visual on Agricultural Festivals

Visitors to the National Agricultural Museum can enjoy a 16 minutes long educational presentation in audio –visual format on the agricultural festival of India. Agricultural festivals are major events in various states of India and celebrated with pomp and fervor.  These festivals signify the beginning of the harvesting season and are observed according to the cultures and traditions of various states of the country.  All the major agricultural festivals are covered in the short documentary to provide visitors a glimpse of the diversity of India and how despite following different methods and customs, agriculture is the common thread that binds the country together.

Information for Visitors

The National Agricultural Museum is open for visitors from 1000 Hrs to 1630 Hrs on all days except Mondays and national holidays. There is an entry fee of INR 10 per individual.

How to Reach

You can reach NASC Complex from any part of New Delhi using state transport buses, cabs and rickshaws. The nearest railway station is Rajendra Place on the Metro line which is 2.4 km away. Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport to the museum.







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