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Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum

Technology Captures The Simplicity of The Great Man

The Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum is a unique museum in many ways. It is one of the first museums of its kind which makes use of digital multimedia to present the various events in the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. The simplicity of the great leader is captured accurately using modern technology, design and products.

Location and Concept

The Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum is located at 5, Tees January Marg at Gandhi Smriti, the exact place where Mahatma Gandhi was gunned down by the bullets of his assailant. The museum is different from other museums build in honor of the great man because it showcases the various events from his life using a broad range of information technology ideas and tools.  The whole idea behind this project was to not only document but also revive the values of Gandhi so that today’s generation can know the immense sacrifices and pains our leaders had to endure right through the freedom struggle movement.

Why This Museum is Unique In Several Ways

The multimedia technology used throughout the museum goes way beyond the conventional scanning of documents and images. Physical interface actions are innovatively used to present the Gandhian vision is a completely new form. The classic symbols of Gandhi such as the spinning wheel, sacred objects, quilts, the group prayers and use of prayer beads are captured in digital format to inspire the present generation through Mahatma Gandhi’s multimedia imagery. One of the key exhibits of the museum is the ‘Global Gandhi’ which is an anthropomorphic computer. It is designed to listen, speak and observe and even understand the environment and the people around it.

The Time Line Browser

Don’t miss the innovatively created Time Line Browser. It is a wall which is a retrieval device of sorts.  As you walk along it, it unfolds events and images from the life of the globally recognized leader. The wall covers everything from his life as a young revolutionary committed to social causes to his exploration of spiritual enlightening. You can feel am information mosaic unfolding as the browser unveils footages from the archives and photographs from the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi.

Another digital installation in the museum allows visitors to listen to the famous speeches of Gandhiji by simply tuning the dials of a radio. ‘Gandhi Weeps is another feature in which image recognition cameras are used to view images from random newspapers. Text recognition technology is used by an advanced computer to accurately gauge the emotions of Gandhi which are displayed in the corresponding pictures.

The Exhibits

The digital museum has a wide compilation of over 40 exhibits that have been created by innovatively mixing contemporary tactile computing and novel green art. These exhibits are the brainwork of Ranjit Makkuni. He was assisted by a team of over 200 artists, digital experts, scientists and multimedia professionals in creating these amazing exhibits. Another key attraction at the museum is the statues of Mahatma Gandhi with Kasturba.

Information for Visitors

The Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum is open to visitors on all days except Mondays and public holidays from 1000 Hrs to 1700 Hrs. There is no entry fee.

How to Reach

The museum is just 25 minutes drive from New Delhi Railway Station. There are state transport buses and taxis available to go to the museum from all over New Delhi. The nearest airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport is 20 minutes away.


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