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Gurudwara Moti Bagh Sahib

The Gurudwara Moti Bagh Sahib, Moti Bagh is located on the Ring Road and it was at this place that Guru Gobind Singh Sahib camped with his army. It is located near Dhaula Kaun and this place was once known as Mochi Bagh and was later renamed as Moti Bagh.

It is believed that the Guru announced his arrival in Delhi by shooting an arrow on the right foot of Emperor Bahadur Shah’s royal chair from a distance of more than eight miles and the emperor thought that to be a miracle. But the Guru shot another arrow with a note written that it was skill of archery and not magic or miracle’ and this time he shot it on the left foot of his chair. The emperor was sitting in Red Fort at that time. The emperor was highly impressed by seeing the skills of the Guru and acknowledged his supremacy.

History of the Gurudwara

The Gurdwara Moti Bagh Sahib, Moti Bagh is famous for its association with Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Sikh Guru who camped here on his arrival to Delhi where he had come to meet Prince Muazzam who had sought his help for defeating his own brother and ascending the throne of his father Aurangzeb and become the emperor of the country.
There is a deohri from where the Guru had shot his arrows and that is where the Guru Granth Sahib has been preserved and installed to pay respect to the archery skills possessed by the great Guru. Even today, one can see the Red Fort and skyline of Delhi from the top of deohri.

The Prince was already highly impressed by the superb archery skills of the Guru but on the other hand, the Prince had to spend some time in the prison as he went against his father Aurangzeb who had ordered him to attack Anandpur Sahib, where Guru Gobind Singh lived along with many other Sikhs.

There are reports against the Guru for causing troubles in the Deccan from the Siwalik Hill Chiefs. But the prince carried out his own impartial inquiry and found out that the Guru was  holy and noble and it was actually the Rajas of the hill who were causing the troubles. But Aurangzeb did not trust what his son said and sent 4 of his trusted generals to find out the truth and they came back with reports that claim that the Guru led a saintly life. Aurangzeb punished few Rajas who were creating troubles for the Guru.

But in the year 1704, the Rajputs and the Mughals under Aurangzeb besieged Anandpur Sahib as they feared the Guru’s stronghold over the years. The Guru put up a strong fight and chose to leave Anandpur Sahib and the Hindu and Muslim rulers promised the safety of him and his regiment. But all promises were forgotten and the Guru lost his four sons and mother and many people of his army died as well as they were attacked by the besiegers.

Irrespective of all those, he did not think twice before helping Bahadur Shah in his battle of succession.

Architecture of the Gurudwara

At present, a new Gurudwara has been constructed by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee but the old building from where the two arrows were shot has been preserved. There is deorhri and like all other gurudwaras around the world, there is a kitchen where the delicious langar is prepared.

Significance of the Gurudwara

The Gurdwara Moti Bagh Sahib has its own historical significance and though the new gurudwara has been constructed not many years ago, the old building is centuries old. The first Adi Granth has been installed here and each year, the anniversary of this event is celebrated in this gurudwara and is visited by both Sikhs and Hindus from the nearby areas.

Facilities to the Gurudwara

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has constructed a new gurudwara at this site but have also preserved the old building well. Hundreds of volunteers work here out of devotion and the complex offers all the basic facilities that you can expect in any gurudwara.

Best Time to Visit

It can also be visited all throughout year and it remains open from early morning to late night. Both Sikhs and non Sikhs are expected to wear proper clothes while visiting the Gurudwara. Both men and women also need to cover their head and remove shoes before entering the premises of the Gurudwara.

How to Reach

By Air

Delhi being the capital of the country is well connected to rest of the world through its airport. It of course, connected to all the other cities of the country as well. There are state-run buses, auto-rickshaws and private taxis that connect the airport and the Gurudwara.

By Road

Delhi is well-connected by a good network of roads with rest of the country. The buses are available to the Gurudwara from different places of Delhi and other nearby places as well.

By Local Transport

For local transport you can avail the DTC and State operated buses. Rented cars, taxis, auto-rickshaws are also available.

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