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Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

One among the popular gurdwaras, the Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is a well-known house of worship for the Sikhs and located in Delhi.  Renowned for its association with Guru Har Kishan, the 8th Guru of Sikhs, the place of worship also houses a pond, better termed as ‘sarovar’. The water at the pond called  as “Amrit” is considered by the Sikhs as holy. Established in 1783 during the reign of  Shah Alam II, by Sardar Bhagel Singh, the Sikh General, it was first a small temple. Nine other shrines for Sikhs were also built in Delhi, that same year.

History of Gurudwara

The Gurdwara is said to be one of the bunglows of a Indian ruler of 17th century, Raja Jai Singh and was known as Jaisinghpura palace, located at Jaisingh Pura. The shopping district, Connaught place  later came up after the historic neighbourhood was demolished to give way.

It is believed that Guru Har Kishan, the 8th guru of Sikhs lived at the Gurudwara in 1664, when small pox and cholera epidemic was on the rise. Guru is said to have helped the sufferers by giving fresh well water from his house. However, infected by the disease, the Guru passed away on 30 March 1664.

Raja Jai Singh then built a small tank over the well. Belief is that  the water from the well has healing properties. The Gurudwara, thus went on to become a place of worship for the Sikhs. On the birth anniversary of Guru Har Kishan special celebration is conducted.

Architecture of Gurudwara

The Bangla Sahib consists of a big pond, an art gallery, a school as well as a kitchen. Same as at other Gurudwaras, the delicious langar or food is prepared by the Gurusikhs at the place.

Other things to see at the Bangla Sahib includes the library, Baba Baghel Singh Museum, hospital and so on. People who visit the place can also find accommodations at the clean “Yatri Niwas”. A toilet complex is also being set up.

Significance of the Gurudwara

One of the popular religious and historical places in the country, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, associated with Sri. Harkishen Sahib, the 8th sikh guru is located near the Connaught Place Market in New Delhi. There is also a open central shrine sheltered by a small dome of gold with a sculpted bronze cupole kept at the main hall.

Facilities to the Gurudwara

The Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee of Delhi is in charge of the Gurudwara and consists of 250 staff working in shifts to look after the operations of the place. Hundreds of people also volunteer at the Gurudwara, daily. In the meantime, the parking facility at the gurudwara allows multi level parking, housing over a 1000 cars, simultaneously.

Best Time to Visit

The Gurudwara is open daily from morning to late night. The Sikhs as well as non-sikhs are expected to be dressed as is proper at a gurudwara. Be it a man or woman, one has to cover the head, just as one enters the site of the Gurudwara. Visitors should also leave the footwear outside.

How to Reach

By Air

The international Airport of Delhi connects to other main cities of India. Flights from the main cities in addition to from all over the world, land in the Delhi Airport.  

By Road

Delhi connects to other parts of India via roads and the buses are accessible to the temple from various parts of Delhi as well as from neighbouring towns.

By Local Transport

DTC and State Operated Buses are the forms of local transport offered. One can also go on to rent taxis, auto-rickshaws or cars.

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