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The innumerable culture and lifestyle has made the capital city a melting pot which links complete India with a protected thread. A varied combination of different people, varied mindset and different expressions make Delhi a place of unity. People from other home land can also find Delhi as a perfect place to dwell in. With such unity Delhi has now the capacity to understand varied languages and understand diverse people. Delhi is also edged by Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, making Punjab and Rajasthan nearer which makes their regional influence nearer to Delhi. With such beneficial factors, the people of Delhi are able to speak varied languages where other people can also visit and enjoy their communication. Visitors from varied parts of the country can visit in with no hassles as almost all languages are practiced here.

Main Language of Delhi

With majority of Hindu population, Hindi is the main and basic language of Delhi. The same language is split up into various accents and used by the people. Apart from Hindi various other languages are also practiced in Delhi. Following are a few languages that are spoken in Delhi.

  • Urdu is a common language used in Delhi which occupies its own history. The language is familiar in Old Delhi or Purana Dilli where a great deal of Muslim people reside.
  • Punjabi is another vital and widely spoken language spoken by Delhi people where a number of Punjabis and Sikhs are present.
  • English is yet another language spoken by almost all people in the city. The youngsters use this language as its trendy for them to converse. Tourists also make use of English as it’s easy to communicate with travel guides, shop keepers, taxi drivers and other locals of Delhi. With English, tourists are able to complete their trip without hindrances.
  • Other languages that fall under the list are Sindhi, Marathi, Nepali, Guajarati, Oriya, Malayalam, Tamil, Konkani and more.

With numerous languages, people of Delhi use Hindi and English as their medium of instruction.

The Beautiful Language of Urdu

Urdu was one of the most important languages in Delhi during the period of British conquering for authority from Mughals. This fame has made Urdu hold place in the Indian poems, music and freedom movement. After independence Old Delhi and Nizamuddin have lost their alleys. The origin of Urdu during the Mughal period has its traces amongst few people who speak the same at present. Urdu being considered as the most romantic language is losing its beauty due to less usage these days. Places like Ghalib academy are taking initiatives to educate people with Urdu.

Punjabi at Heart

Another famed language of Delhi is the Punjabi which is mainly spoken in areas like Punjabi Bagh, Lajpat nagar and areas like Tilak nagar. These places hold the refugee colonies which are present since partition. Another usage of Hindi is Hinjabi which is a blend of Hindi and Punjabi. People belonging to almost all parts of Delhi speak this language. The language is simple and easy to learn when compared to Punjabi. Through its salesman or housewife the language is common and is considered as one of the sweetest languages spoken in Delhi.

Importance of English Language

It was during Lutyen’s era that English language came into existence. English became an intimate part of Delhi similar to the buildings that were constructed during that period. The English spoken by the Delhites has varied origin. The regional accents are present in the English language where the US, UK English are also utilized here due to call centers and various English channels. Almost all people understand English in Delhi though they don’t speak it. Since English is the common language in Delhi and other parts of the nation, tourists find it easy to communicate and go around Delhi.

English is the primary medium of instruction in school and one needs to know it as it is mandatory to carry on with the job. It is another astonishing fact that beggars on the road and guttersnipes on the street also speak perfect English which even the middle class people would not know. In the coming days English language would become more and more blatant to Delhi.

The throne of Delhi has always been a place of competition through invasions by various civilizations for pride. The Language of Delhi has been shaped and re-shaped a number of times to bring its original form. And the process is still on even today for their language.

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