About Delhi

Though not quite the heart, it is indeed the focal point of India

Delhi’s beginning can be traced to Indrasprastha, the city that Pandavas built as their capital. It was believed to have been an architectural wonder where a magical illusion spread along with grandeur. Boasting of such a majestic past, Delhi is beautiful and awesome even today. Sitting comfortably in the loving embrace of River Yamuna, Delhi is all that represents India and more. It is where one can find Unity in Diversity as people from different states and religions live in harmony. Thus Delhi is also referred to as the soul of India as it stands for everything that India is, religious diversity, harmonious culture, colourful heritage, history and of course, a vivid populace that represents almost all states of India.

Another aspect that sets Delhi apart is its co-existence of a modern society with a glorious and historical past. Even in the daily life of Delhi, one can find traces of the rudiments of the past. Delhi was attacked seven times by different invaders, some who ruled Delhi and gave it a glorious face while some looted and destroyed it time and again. Yet, Delhi stands as glorious, proud and magnificent as ever amidst grand archeological buildings that represent ancient and medieval history and modern constructions that symbolize development.

Delhi is where India’s cultural heritage lies and it is showcased not just through ancient architecture but also museums, craft houses, art galleries, cultural symposiums and so on.  Delhi also hosts cultural festivals all through the year and on these occasions, one gets to watch world class performances of Indian and international starts from a wide strata, from classical artistes to rock and pop stars. One can also get to see works of renowned artists, sculptors, theatre artistes and so on.

Delhi has witnessed an awesome growth in terms of development post Independence. Today, Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with religious and linguistic diversity and residents of the city come from different backgrounds and economic strata. Delhi is a busy city always bustling with energy and at the same time, it can be a little hard on the vulnerable and hence if you are one, you need to watch out. Delhi, in a way, also represents India in lot many ways and you know what India stands for, if you are in Delhi and at the same time, Delhi is also moving ahead with changing times.

New Delhi - the City of Gardens

The modern outlook to Delhi was given to it by the British who created the New Delhi in early 20th century. British wanted New Delhi to be their power capital and they ordered for buildings and landscapes that will have a British signature. The onus of designing the New Delhi was on the distinguished British architect Edwin Lutyens. He built a city that will have power buildings surrounded by greenery. The New Delhi was meant to be a garden city that would have avenues with trees and bungalows built in such a way that they would shield from the scorching Delhi heat. It has worked for sure, for New Delhi is one of the few cities that have cooler central regions. The outline of the city’s design bears resemblance to British capitals in cities like Ottawa, Pretoria and Canberra.  As time passed and new buildings added to the glory of Delhi, today, the city has a mixture of Indian and international elements in terms of its architecture.

Delhi perfect for the food and shopping lovers

If you wish to go to a place that is relaxing and at the same time, upbeat, you should choose Delhi. Food and shopping destination are the best features of New Delhi. From the early kings to Mughal Empire, Delhi has been influenced by all in terms of art, culture, food and architecture. Delhites are known for their love of food and here one can get a huge variety. Once can find influence of ancient tradition and a mix of modern cuisine in Delhi food. There isn’t any one cuisine that Delhi can call its own because most of its food moments have been either as an influence or as an amalgamation. Yet, one can find a wide range of food, from regional dishes to exotic international cuisine and more. That variety is one thing to definitely savour during those holiday tours to Delhi. Delhi has also managed to stick to recipes that were handed down from generations. So, while at one place you find restaurants serving ‘kebabs’ that might have been on the menu of a Mughal emperor, there are places of international repute serving you authentic continental and Chinese dishes. And if you are a hardcore Indian, you will also find a fusion of Indian, international and ancient cuisines!

The other fascinating aspect of Delhi is its reputation as a shopping destination. You will find stores that have been in existence since hundreds of years, selling exotic Kashmiri carpets or Buddhist antique pieces and so on. These are shops which have a reputation and you may not be able to bargain here. At the same time, you will also get shopping arena where everything works on a bargain. At the end of the day, one can say, Delhi gives you what you want. Delhi can also be referred to a vast shopping complex for each corner of Delhi is a shopping paradise. Take a walk, stroll around and feel each nook of Delhi and get some big bargains.

Delhi’s food corners

When it comes to food, Delhi has something to offer every palate and every wallet. Those who like to dine in style and savour international cuisines can dash off to the five-star restaurants and enjoy their meal. Those who cannot afford that can have a sumptuous meal at the various budget restaurants in Delhi. For foodies who like their food to be served casually and who are interested only in the taste, should definitely taste street food in Delhi. Delhi has lot to offer in terms of street food, for there are many lanes which are exclusively dedicated to food.  Be it exquisite biryani, or the bhelpuri, be it parathas or rotis, be it the mouth-watering kebabas or delicious sweetmeats, just frequent streets such as Annapoorna, Sunder Nagar, Ghantewala, Bengal Market, Parathe wali galli or the Greater Kailash and you will get to savour some of the most delicious varieties of food like never before.

Tourism in Delhi

Though Delhi is known for many of its features including its powerful position as the capital city of India and its reputation as a symbol of India’s historical and cultural heritage, its reputation as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world stands untouched. Delhi offers visitors quite a lot from its centuries-old architectural wonders to modern constructions, from offering a glimpse into the corridors of power to a taste of life in Old Delhi and more. Delhi witnesses a flow of domestic and international tourists all through the year.

The onus of tourism development and growth lies with DTDC or Delhi Tourism Development Corporation, a government body. It is also entrusted with the responsibility of conserving and restoring Delhi monuments and also with the infrastructure development pertaining to tourism industry.  Travelling within Delhi is quite easy, thanks to the many information counters that visitors can access at railway stations, airports and even commercial centers. You will find all kinds of information pertaining to Delhi tourism, be it pamphlets about various places or maps to assist you or even tourism guides and so on. These are also free.

As a part of its tourism promotional activities, DTDC also conducts cultural programmes from time to time where visitors can enjoy and be informed at the same time. Visitors can also book short tours and excursions to any place of their choice in Delhi. You can also book heritage walks and evening tours. Since these are all official, you need not get worried about being duped or harassed by helping enthusiasts. You can also visit exciting neighbourhood of Delhi such as Rishikesh, Nainital, Haridwar, Musoorie, Agra and Jaipur by just booking a trip to these places after you have finished touring Delhi. Just book these tours and enjoy Delhi ride smoothly.

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