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Weather In Punjab

The state of Punjab is regarded as receiving a balanced dosage of heat in summers, rainfall in monsoon as well as cold in winters. These 3 seasons are distributed in such a manner that one can take full pleasure of each one of them. Each season has its intrinsic significance. Owing to the north-east location of Punjab, the state witnesses both winter and summer to its maximum. It even gets huge rainfall, making the fertility of the land to increase. The details of the weather and climate of Punjab may be described as below:


Punjab witnesses rise in temperatures from the month of February. Although, the actual summer season begins from the month of April and lasts till June and therefore the time period between February - April is regarded as post-winter season. During this time, the temperature may even rise up to 45oC. Therefore, Punjab remains very hot during the time of summers.


Punjab sees monsoon starting from July and remains till September. In this period, the state gets rainfall ranging from 250 mm- 1000 mm. The amount of rainfall may vary in several areas of the Punjab state. Punjab gets its monsoon current from Bay of Bengal. The rainfall of monsoon is highly helpful in the fertility growth of the land.


In Punjab, winter begins from October. The weather remains frosty and chilly from the month of December-February. Therefore, October and November are basically seasons after monsoon and this state get some amount of rainfall also. In December, the temperature reduces to even 0oC. The weather remains extremely cold during winters.

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