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Rauza Sharif

Rauza Sharif also known as the dargah of Sheikh Ahmad Faruqi is located on the Sirhind-Bassi Pathana Road and to the north of Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib. The place was the Sheikh’s abode when Akbar and Jahangir ruled.

Rauza Sharif of Sirhind constructed to honor the acts of those courageous youths who sacrificed their lives when lured and forced to give up their religion for Islam. They were stoned under the instructions of Aurangzeb when they resisted the forces to give up their religion and embrace Islam. A Gurudwara was constructed in the place where they were martyred. It is known as Rauza Sharif of Sirhind in Fatehgarh Sahib.

Significance of Rauza Sharif

Rauza Sharif is globally famous for the annual Urs celebration held here for more than three centuries now. The Urs is held to commemorate the death anniversary of the Mujadid. Muslims from many places from India and abroad attend the celebrations.

The Rauza Sharif is a magnificent Gurudwara and is a popular place which tourists never miss whenever they visit Punjab. The main foyer of the Rauza Sharif Gurudwara was designed by the famous Maharaja Yadavendra Singh. There is a historical place where the sons of the Sikh Guru were martyred. In the main complex of the Gurudwara Sahib two other structures are also present. They are known as Sahid Ganj and Burj Mata Gujri.

One of the most amazing places in the Gurudwara is the Thanda Burj. The place is named so because it remains cool even during the blistering hot summer season. This is the place where the mother of the martyred Sikhs was kept. She was devastated on hearing the dreadful news of her sons’ death and collapsed of shock. Later, a Gurudwara was built at that very place in her memory and aptly named Gurudwara Mata Gurji.

A grand Urs is held inside the Rauza Sharif in August every year with much pomp and celebrations. The spiritual importance of the place is so high that Sunni Muslims regard it as the second Mecca.

Other Structures Inside the Compound

The Rauza Sharif houses many other tombs. They were mostly built in memory of the family members of Sheikh Mujadid. One such structure is a mausoleum which is a grand building finely balanced with a brilliant mo9x of bricks, marble and stone to create a stunning effect. The mausoleum of the sons of Mujadid is also seen nearby this grand structure. This mausoleum stands out on account of its extraordinarily attractive mosaic design. The mausoleum is believed to hold the graves of many members of the family of Sheikh Mujadid.

A place for doing pre-prayer rituals has been provided inside another huge mosque which has a special basement with a mini tank. Today, the shrine is managed by the Government and is a designated monument of historic importance. There are dedicated employees who look after the cleaning and maintenance of these structures and mausoleums. The tombs of Shah Zaman, the ruler of Afghan and his beloved Queen are also seen here.

The Jor Mela

A celebratory event called the Jor Mela is held annually in the month of December. It is a magnificent spectacle held to honor the various incidents associated with the Rauza Sharif. For this very reason, December is the best place to visit the place and enjoy not only the brilliance of the monuments but also the spectacular celebration of the Jor Mela.

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