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Immam Nasir Mausoleum And Jamma Masjid

The heart of the city of Jalandhar is decorated with a beautiful monument named Imam Nasir Mausoleum that is believed to be an 800 year old monument. The other building that stands very near to this monument is a 400 year old building named as Jama Masjid. The other place that is famous among the people of the city of Jalandhar is a Kulfi parlor named as King Kulfi. It has been said that every person in the city of Jalandhar during their childhood had at least once eaten the Kulfi from this shop. The taste of the Kulfi remains in the mouth of people who have at least once eaten the kulfi here. These two buildings are considered to be the oldest building that stands in the heart of the city of Jalandhar. The four pillars that are colored white are the main attraction of the Imam Nasir Mausoleum that can be seen from the market that surrounds the mausoleum.


The structure of the great Imam Nasir Mausoleum is believed to be constructed for a period almost 800 years back. The crypt of Mausoleum houses a Dargah. It is believed that Baba Farid stayed at this place for almost 40 days where he prayed and had stayed in this Dargah.


The architectural structure of the two monuments speaks about the architectural beauty of the ancient era. The marvelous construction of the two buildings speaks about the majestic architectural and technical great engineering efforts that have been done in those days by the people. These two monuments have become the trait for the city of Jalandhar. The belief by the archaeologists of today’s time is that the building of Imam Nasir Mausoleum has been standing here for almost eight hundred years whereas the Jama Masjid is as old as four hundred years. The marvelous architecture of these buildings speaks about the rich architectural pattern that rivets and captivates the eyes of the people visiting them. These two buildings are colorfully decorated during the festival season of Muslim community. The colorful lights enlighten the entire garden area that catches the eyes of the visitors and makes this place look more like a heaven.


The accommodation in the city of Jalandhar is very good. The city has numerous hotels that range from economical hotels to most luxurious hotels. One can choose from the long list of hotels as per their own budget.

Best Time to Visit

Summer Season

The months from March to June are very hot accompanied with hot winds and are not considered favorable to visit Jalandhar since the temperature goes from 26 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius.

Monsoon Season

The area experiences rains in the months of July to September and the weather remains humid at this time. The area receives 703 mm of rain annually.

Winter Season

The area is too cold in the winter season and the winters in this area falls from month of November to March. The chilly cold winds flows in these months. The day temperature during winters generally is 16 degree Celsius while 6 degree Celsius of temperature is experienced in the nights. The most favorable time to enjoy the city is from January to March.

How to Reach

The nearest rail line to reach Imam Nasir Mausoleum and Jama Masjid is in Jalandhar city while the bus stand of Jalandhar is at a distance of 3 km from Mausoleum and Masjid. The location of these two is on the Grand Trunk road. Local transport from station and bus stand can be taken to reach this place.

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