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Bhatinda named after the Bhati Rajput kings, is one of the oldest cities in Punjab, India and the current administrative headquarters of Bhatinda District. Bhatinda is belovedly called the 'City of Lakes' and was once known as Tabar-e-Hind (or Tabarhindh), meaning the Gateway to India. The first empress of India, Razia Sultan was imprisoned in the Qila Mubarak fort in Bhatinda.

Bhatinda has two modern thermal power plants, Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant and Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant at Lehra Mohabbat. The city has a fertilizer plant, a large oil refinery, a zoo. The area around Bhatinda is a prolific grape growing area. It is one of the leading cities in education in Punja. If you are interested in learning about the economy and industry of this region, then visit this place. Mazaar, Pir Baba Haji Rattan of Bhatinda city represents the multi-cultural facet of Punjab. This place of worship is open to people from any religion. This mausoleum is located between the grain market and the Civil Hospital and has a peaceful atmosphere. "Pir Baba Haji Rattan" has represented India as its ambassador in the sacred city of Mecca."Pir Baba Haji Rattan" answers the prayers of everyone from any religion who seeks his blessings. So the city of Bhatinda worships the "Pir" as an existing God.

There is a Gurudwara close to the “Haji Rattan”, where Baba Haji Rattan Yadgari Sabhyacharak Mela is conducted in December every year.

Places to See

Qila Mubarak

This is one of the oldest and highest small brick monument. It also contains two gurudwaras as the tenth Sikh guru Gobind Singh visited the place. Qila Mubarak is a National Monument of India. This monument is 900 years old. The bricks of the fort date back to the Kushana period, when Emperor Kanishka ruled over Northern India. Raja Dab, along with the emperor of Kanishka, is believed to have built the fort. It is bigger than its competitors at Lahore, Phillaur and Hanumangarh. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur, have visited this place.

Bahia Fort

This was built in 1930 in front of the main Fort by S. Balwant Singh Sidhu. It belongs to a group of 22 villages, so called Bahia Sahib. It was as official residence of armed forces of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala State. Now it is a Four Star Hotel.

Damdama Sahib

Damdama Sahib is one of the Five Takhts or Seat of Temporal Authority of Sikhism. It has been built at the site where Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, prepared the full version of the Sikh Scriptures, called Sri Guru Granth Sahib, in 1705.

Maiser Khana Mandir

Maiser Khana Mandir is located 29 km from Bhatinda on Bhatinda-Mansa Road. According to a legend, it was here that the Jyoti of Mata Jawala (the divine apparition of a Mother Goddess) appeared to a poor devotee, who could not reach the temple at Jawala. Each year, two fairs are held here, visited by lakhs of devotes across the globe.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is a 10-acre garden in Bhatinda, which is popular for the varieties of beautiful roses that grow here. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in the city and this is a good picnic spot. 

Zoological Park

Located 6 km from Bhatinda, Zoological Park is visited by peoples of all age groups. Offers an ideal place for picnic and it is good for children.

Lakhi Jungle

Lakhi Jungle is situated 15 km further from Bhatinda and is on the way to Muktsar. This forest has an old gurudwara which was visited by Shri Guru Nanak Dev, who recited one lakh Holy Paths of Shri Japuji Sahib here. Therefore, it is called the Lakhi Jungle. Guru Gobind Singh Ji is also said to have visited the place.

Chetak Park

This is an exquisite garden in Bhatinda Cantonment, with wide collection of blooming plants. It is a popular picnic place for family.

Best Time to Visit

Summer Season

Summer season begins in the month of March and ends by June. Summers are hot and there will be hot winds. This is not the best season to visit as the maximum and minimum temperature recorded during the season is 26°C and 40°C respectively. So avoid visiting this place in summer.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon begins here in the month of July and continues till the mid-September. Monsoon season is humid, you can visit if you like monsoon.

Winter Season

Winters are quite cold in the city of Bhatinda. This season starts by November and continues till mid of March. Cold waves blows over Bhatinda during this season. The temperature during the day is around 16 ºC and the lowest temperature generally stays at 6 ºC. The months of January to March are the best time to visit Bhatinda. If you are used to cold you can go in peak winter.


This city offers both budget and luxury hotels, travelers can stay in the accommodation that is suited to them. Everyone has different budget, expectations and preference. Travelers can visit the place and enjoy their stay All the hotels have their unique offering. It is better to call and book ahead, especially in the time of festival.

How to Reach

This place is very well connected with train, bus and car. It is in northwestern India in the Malwa Region, 225 km west of the capital city of Chandigarh.

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