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Located nearly 32 kilometers north-west of the city Islamabad in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, Takshashila lies just off the well-known Grand Trunk Road. Ancient Takshashila was located at a pivotal junction of Central Asia, Western Asia and India. Due to its significant location, Takshashila has exchanged its hands numerous times over the last few centuries with myriad of rulers fighting for its regulation and control.

The ruins of this place were discovered by the famous archeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham somewhere in the 19th century. In 1980, this place was announced as the UNESCO world heritage site, while in 2006, it was ranked as a high profile tourist destination in Punjab, Pakistan by a Pakistani Newspaper – The Guardian. Takshashila is actually acknowledged as an early center for learning. It was recognized as a university by some ancient people but now the modern people don’t look at it the same way as the university does not have teachers having official membership from any specific college and neither there was any particular lecture hall or dormitory. In 2010, Takshashila was acknowledged as one of the twelve worldwide sites that had lost their importance due to irreparable damage and loss depicting insufficient management and development pressure.

As per the historic ruins and sources, it is said that students used enter this university or learning center at the age of 16 years. The 18 arts and Vedas were taught here which included elephant lore, hunting and archery together with some exceptional skills. It also provided education and learning in military science, while it also served as a medical and law school. Some scattered references speak that this place of learning might have been dated back to fifth century BCE. This leaning center also has a Takshashila museum dedicated to the remnants of ancient Takshashila which is located in this city.

How to Reach

It is very simple to reach this place. One can reach this place through bus rapid transit, air transit, rail transit or road transit.


there is a metro bus service which is similar to the Metro bus in Lahore. This has been started by the government of Punjab. These buses are regularly available to different destinations. They can be air conditioned or non-air conditioned and range from coaches to buses.


Saddar has a railway station which has trains that are linked to Malakand Pass, Nowshera. Nawabshah, Kohat, Hyderabad etc.


You can take a flight to Pakistan for Islamabad International Airport which has Pakistan International airlines that operates regularly.

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