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Sanghol is a village situated in the district of Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab, India. It is also referred to as Ucha Pind or Sanghol. The city of Chandigarh is 40 km distant from here and falls on the Ludhiana road. Sanghol has a great historical significance as it is regarded to be an archaeological atlas of the country. According to the excavations, this site recovered seals and coins related to Mihirakula and Toramana which belong to central Asia. There was a Buddhist stupa recovered in 1968 and in February 1985, there was a rich treasure comprising of 117 amazing stone slabs which were carved and 69 pillars along with 35 crossbars, figurines and figures were excavated with efforts of experts of Directorate of Archaeology of Punjab. Historians have claimed them to be the Kushan sculptures of Mathura school belonging to first and second centuries AD. The treasures are exhibited in Sanghol Museum for historians and art lovers. Several art pieces of this museum sometimes go for displaying in various exhibitions held across the world. Located atop a mound, this Ucha Pind Sanghol encompasses 200 km area.

The Sanghol Museum has huge variety of relics belonging to the Harappan civilization (from 1720 to 1300 BC. Over 15000 artifacts were recovered from the site and most of them have been witnessed here.

Sanghol also referred to as Ucha Pind is a popular village of this area. There are few mythical stories regarding the demolition of this village. The major village is quite high and may be easily viewed from the nearby towns. People also linked it to "Roop Basant" stories. Few people believe that its former name was Sangla-deep. The Buddhist Stupa along with Monastery Complex dates back to first and second century AD located on the main road.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time for visiting the place is from Octobers to March. Summers are extremely hot and temperature rises to 45˚C. There is a heavy rainfall observed in Monsoon Season. Therefore, winters should be preferred for visiting here.

How to Reach

Fatehgarh Sahib is well connected through rails, roads and by air as well.

By Air

Fatehgarh sahib city has no airport. The closest airport is 41 km away in Chandigarh. Chandigarh has well connected network of airways from 5 prominent cities of India and most of the domestic airlines reach Chandigarh.

By Train

This city has a well connected railway network with a railway station running trains from all most of the cities of country such as Delhi, Una of Himachal Pradesh etc.

By Road

The road network of the city is quite good and connects Fatehgarh sahib to different cities with great transport facility. The daily bus service can be availed from Delhi, Chandigarh besides the neighboring cities. Taxis may also be hired.

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