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Named after the district headquarters, Rupnagar was earlier known as Ropar. As per records, it stated to be established by a king called Pokeshar ruled during 11th century and decided to name this place after his son, Rup. Harappans were the civilized lot that settled first in Ropar and had supposedly reached Sutlej. This place has much historical significance attached to its history. This place is on an ancient mound covering the left banks of Sutlej River on the Shivalik deposition.

The distance of the district headquarters and Chandigarh is 42 km and has 4 tehsils. Mohali, Nawanshahr and Fatehgarh Sahib are adjoined by Ropar. Sutlej River flows close to 50 km towards the northwest of Punjab and passes through Rupnagar, Nangal and Anandpur Sahib. Kurali, Morinda, Anandpur Sahib and Chamkaur Sahib are the major cities in Rupnagar district. The Gurudwara Sri Hargobindsar Sahib in Dadhi attracts many devotees. Also, the Bhakra Dam in Nangal is on the boundary of this district. This place also has many historical and religious places to visit like the Bhhatha Sahib, Sadabarat Sahib and Tibbi Sahib.

Best Time to Visit

Winter, summer, autumn and monsoons are the major seasons witnessed in Rupnagar. Rupnagar is generally found to be dry and hot where the best time to visit lies in the autumn season. The weather at that time is manageable unlike extreme summers and winters.

The temperature in the month march to June is from 27 degree C to 45 degree C. The hottest month recorded is the month of May when it is extremely difficult to roam.

The rainfall starts from the month of July and goes on till September. Also the amount of rainfall measured every year is different. The temperature from October to November is the best season.

How to Reach

By Rail

The most comfortable option to travel to Rupnagar is by train and the ticket may cost around Rs 145 to Rupnagar from Delhi. Tickets should be booked in advance to avoid any end moment hassles.

By Air

The closest airport is in Chandigarh at a distance of 50 kms and the connectivity to cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur is very regular to the airport.

By Bus

Bus is the most used transport by the people going to Rupnagar where the buses cost around Rs 75 from Chandigarh. Those wanting to go for private buses will have to spend a little extra.

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