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Monsoon In Kerala

The Kerala Monsoons never follow the incessant rains pattern. They will be raining for some hours along with warm interludes. The best part is that rain may go on for more than a day, but you will always get the warmth of sunshine. There are many people who will love to enjoy the sun and their palms getting wet in rain. No doubt, this is one of the best and golden experiences and gives you immense pleasure. In fact, if you are planning to visit Kerala, then monsoon season is best! Moreover, you will also get to enjoy the amazing fragrances of beautiful greenery and wet mud. This season is regarded as the prime time of year. In order to get the glimpse of Kerala monsoon, you should definitely plan your visit during this season only. The temperature of this place during the months of June as well as July will be approximately 29°C. The months from June to month of November are included in Monsoon season and they are also considered the perfect month for availing Ayurvedic programmes.

Types of Monsoon

Kerala comprises of 2 rainy seasons-

South West Monsoon in Kerala

The prime rainy season of Kerala is Southwest monsoon and the rains will be starting in Malayalam month and they will be getting end by the earliest May or June. In upcoming months, you will get to experience the torrential rains and they will be present on windward Western Ghats side. They are the ones that will be hit first through the Monsoon wind and Kerala will be receiving copious rainfall. In fact, the maximum amount of rainfall that comes to Kerala is mainly because of the monsoons. The Western Ghats slopes will be receiving the maximum amount of rainfall. There are many Kerala rivers that receive water through monsoons and this will be lasting till September month.

Average Temperature in this season :

Maximum : temperature 30°C
Minimum : temperature 19°C

Average Rainfall in the season :

2251 - 2502 mm

North East Monsoon in Kerala

These are also popular as Reverse monsoons or they are known by the name of Retreating Monsoon. They will be hitting Kerala during the south western monsoon winds and it will be raining during the October as well as November months. Sometimes, the rains will be lasting till the month of December. You will get to experience the afternoon heavy rains and they will come along with lightening and thunder. This is regarded as one of the most special feature of this monsoon season. Days will be humid and warm and temperature variations are less.

Average Temperature:

Maximum : Temperature 35°C
Minimum  : Temperature 29°C

Average Rainfall in the season :

450 - 500 mm

Significance of Monsoon in Kerala

In true sense, Monsoon is considered to be of great advantage because of many other reasons as well. Tourists are recommended that they should check out the Kerala Art forms and they are known for having great demand. Basically, these are native forms of art and it is essential to have the complete authority over every body nerve. Tourists are recommended that they should be using the herbal medications and oils and they can apply the same on their body. Monsoon seasons are considered best for providing greater dexterity and flexibility of movement.

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