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Kerala Banana Chips

If you are at Kerala, then do not afford to miss out the tasty Banana chips. These golden crispy wafers of Banana are fried in the coconut oil and then they are exported to other countries. In order to prepare these chips, ripened and green bananas are used. You will get to see ample of shops that will be selling different varieties of Kerala Banana chips. One of the most popular sayings is that, these chips are overshadowing the potato chips and you can definitely relish the best tastes out of banana chips. There are many people who will not be aware of this fact that this is one of the dishes that are being used in the wedding ceremonies and it is also a breakfast dish. One must remember that you will be getting to eat this dish only in Kerala and that is Nendra and these are very large in sizes. The best part is that, chips that are made through these Nendra Bananas are very crispy and they will be forming their own colors as well. Inhabitants and tourists can buy chips packets at local shops.

If you are searching for a snack in evening time, then this is the best option available for munching. They are regarded as one of the most popular snacks of Kerala and they have been fried in the coconut oil and salt is sprinkled over it. In order to prepare these dishes, unripe and ripe bananas, both are used. In most of the cases, they will be coated along with jaggery and it will be forming the sweetest variants. In true sense, they are known for holding the most significant place and this is one of the most famous vegetarian feasts and served during the wedding ceremonies. In southern part of India, these chips are very popular and they are also eaten in Northern towns. One of the prominent reasons behind their popularity is salty and sweet taste. If you get to taste these chips for once, then you just can’t forget it! The citizens of Kerala regard these chips as inevitable in each and every ceremony and this is also favorite snack. This can be enjoyed by the elderly people as well as kids and they are also popular in Onam Festivals.

Varieties of Banana Chips

These Banana chips are available in market in 2 different varieties- One is made from unripe bananas and the other is made out of ripened plantain. They are also dabbed with turmeric and then they are sliced through the help of chip slicer. You will get to eat thin sliced wafers and they are available in the shape of quarters and chunkier. There are very few proficient chip makers and they will be boiling the chips in fried oil. Later on, these chips will be deep fried, through which all the grease that is present on the chips will get vanished. Undoubtedly, this is one of the classic varieties and it has got the rising demand from the public especially during the season time. You will enjoy eating the wafer-thin and round chips and they will be fried in the coconut oil. However, you need to remember that these chips will be having a shelf life of 3 days and thereafter it cannot be eaten any more. This is also one of the prominent reasons behind frying these chips in palm or sunflower oil and this will be giving the chips, a lasting time of ten to fifteen days. Moreover, you can also prepare these chips through honey or sugar and they will be giving the best sweet taste.

Preparation Styles

You can prepare these banana chips through two different styles-


You need to remember the fact that these chips are made from ripe bananas and its slices will be fried in coconut or sunflower oil. Later on, they will be dried and then preservatives will be added in it. You will get to select from different oily chips varieties and this is mainly because of the frying processes. One of the most popular forms of these chips  that are prepared in Kerala is nenthra-kaaya and these are fried in the coconut oil. You can make use of both unripe and ripe bananas for these chips. They are also coated through the help of jaggery and masala and they will be forming the sweet and spicy variants of the same. In true sense, this is regarded as one of the most significant part of Kerala tradition and they are served in a meal known as sadya during the time of festive seasons.


There are various banana chips varieties and they are produced through food dehydration. They are known to have the crunchy and dark yellow texture and you can relish sweet banana flavor.

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