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The world of travelogues especially magazines which explore Kerala in their mission to highlight such things through evaluating tranquil backwaters and lush reserves. Major attractions are wide range of fauna and wildlife which strike to all and sundry through the presence of amalgamating meeting points in houseboats available abundantly. Kerala attractions are worth noting that make it best tourist place and equally attract through rambling coffee plantations in this state that have become sought after amongst the ho0lidaymakers.

With whole area of 682.400 hectares exclusively coffee orchards dominated in regions called Nenmara, Gavi and Munnar this state  remains in limelight due to the presence of coffee estates here. Above mentioned coffee estates are prominent ones but the ones in Vandiperiyar townships have equally gained popularity with coffee plantations that turn it green landscapes. With its 67.800 hectares coffee orchard area Gavi remains in the center of attraction and enchants tourists to arrive and enjoy time. Equally is seething 60.200 hectares of coffee orchids in Munnar that add to its beauty. Nenmara’s coffee estates cover more than 77.400 hectares of area.

All coffee estates of Kerala are managed by Kerala Forest Development Corporation Limited from 1976 till now. All those areas not considered suitable for cardamom cultivation have been exclusively turned into coffee gardens.
This Corporation also manages huge coffee estate territories in Pamba, Kallumala and Cheeyambam in Wayanad district.

Being famous in the whole nation as biggest coffee producer, Kerala remains in the notice for producing numerous varieties of coffee especially major one Robusta whose share is more than 90% production in the region. As hardly extra efforts are needed to cultivate Robusta coffee plants it is more popular and produced with least pesticide issues. Average lifespan of Robusta coffee plant is 60 to 80 years.

As coffee contains caffeine content it proves an exciting drink that energizes people having it.

Varieties of Coffee Grown in Kerala

Too many Varieties of Coffee Grown in Kerala offer good choice so such Varieties of Coffee Grown in Kerala are always brought into limelight.

Arabica and Robusta are the two important varieties of coffee which are usually grown in Kerala state.

Arabica Coffee.

Mainly from the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia such types of coffee had been produced in the mountainous areas there. Other notable names of this variety of coffee are “Arabic Coffee”, “Mountain Coffee” and "coffee shrub of Arabia" amongst others. As researches reveal Coffea Arabica remains primary coffee species upon cultivation and are usually abundantly grown in southwest Arabian region for more than 1,000 years there.

Robusta Coffee

With its origins in the western and central sub-Saharan Africa the Robusta coffee is an important variety and is used commonly nowadays. This coffee is part of the Rubiaceae family flowering plant species so has it gained popularity as famous Coffea robusta. Scientists have evaluated its origin from Coffea canephora group with Robusta and Nganda varieties.  

Major Coffee Plantation Region in Kerala

The Major Coffee Plantation Region in Kerala are the areas where coffee estates have been developed for plantation of different types of coffee.

India’s southern region is completely dominated by coffee plantations starting from the Western Ghats Hills where there are ample rainfalls due to early monsoon arrival. Such geographical conditions make it suitable for coffee plantation in the country.


With its strategic location in the midst of splendid Western Ghats mountains, Wayanad is famous and denoted with the Malabar region’s green paradise. This place is renowned hilly areas in Kerala state at the first position besides Munnar, Nalliyampathy and Rajamala hills. Forests and landscapes, Pookkode Lake and Karapuzha Dam surround this mesmerizing hilly region. As weather condition and nice climate makes it perfect to cultivate coffee and tea this region is denoted with a metaphor—Coffee County of Kerala. Robusta and Arabica are two major varieties of coffee grown in this region. Peaceful climate, seething hills and greenery makes Malabar region wonderful so are flora and fauna that enhance its attraction.


Situated at a distance of mere 6 kilometers from Munnar town, Pothamedu is other important location in Kerala where huge coffee plantations are done. If looked from the top then it’s excellent scenery is well observed. One can see the Idukki Arch Dam perfectly from Pothamedu which is located at a distance of 60 kilometers. In fact it remains a prominent viewpoint with superb location. Its landscape amalgamates plantations ranging from tea, coffee and cardamom in the valley side. Adventure games trekking and long mountain walks are common in its rolling hills so are attractive lush mountains and spectacular scenery. One feels rejuvenated due to cool air and outstanding mounts where plantations are common. Pothamedu remains a prominent Munnar view-point in the Kerala state.

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