Kerala Specialities

Enjoy the Specialities of God's Own Country

Kerala is truly a treasure island. Once you start exploring deep into the state, you will be pleasantly surprised at the treasures it has in it stored for you. Kerala is a place that never ceases to excite you.

Though Kerala is brimming with lots of interesting options for the tourists in terms of food, culture, festivals, temples etc. there are certain aspects that are special only to Kerala. These things are just not the same elsewhere. Now, let us look at few options that are very special in Kerala.


Sailing across the beautiful backwaters in houseboats is an experience that one should never miss, while in Kerala. Kerala, as all know, is famous for its scenic backwaters. You can absorb the entire beauty of the water and the scenic beauty around, while cruising through houseboats. These are considered to be luxurious accommodation options and only natural products like wood, fibre, bamboo, coconut coir etc. are used for making these boats. It has full-fledged facilities just like a hotel room and offers extreme relaxation for the tourists.


Kerala spices are quite famous all over the world because of their flavour and taste. There are lots of plantations of various spices here and hence the quality is simply incomparable. Spice exports contribute to a part of the state revenue every year. It is no wonder that Kerala is widely regarded as the spice capital of the world. One can find plantations of spices like cardamom, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, garlic, cloves and many more in most of the districts in Kerala. Cardamom, especially, is one of the spices that Kerala is very famous for, across the globe.

Banana Chips / Wafers

One has to visit Kerala to know what authentic banana chips taste like. People who know the original taste can never settle for anything lesser. The quality of the banana and more importantly the quality of the coconut oil used is the main reason to as why banana chips in Kerala are always a class apart. Tourists who visit Kerala buy many kilograms of banana chips from here, on their way back to their hometowns, because Kerala is the best place for buying these.


This is one of the most sought after types of accommodation facilities by the tourists who visit Kerala. These are houses built on trees using only natural products like bamboo, wood, coir, hay etc. Treehouse resorts are quite popular in Kerala because tourists get to enjoy nature at its maximum from these elevated accommodations. These are common in districts of Kerala where dense forests are more in number. These are one of the major attractions for the tourists both from India and abroad.


The taste of Coffee is simply exquisite in Kerala as the state is the second largest in terms of coffee plantation in the country. Tourists who visit Kerala make it a point to visit the vast coffee plantation in the city. Though tea consumption is more in the state, the taste of coffee leaves an unforgettable taste in the minds of tourists, making them come back again. The fresh aroma, the quality of the coffee seeds used and the divine taste is something that every tourist should enjoy while in Kerala.

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