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Shirodhara is a name given to one of the massaging techniques used in the famous Ayurvedic massage of Kerala. The name shirodhara has been derived from Sanskrit words “Shira” and “ Dhara”, meaning “head” and “flow” respectively. During this form of Ayurvedic Massage, the main focus is on the center of the forehead that is considered to be the third eye. Special liquids made from Ayurvedic herbs are used in this massage, which are directly poured over the third eye or the forehead. The selection of liquids for this therapy depends upon the type of ailment for which this therapy is being given.  The AyurvedicVaidyas developed the Shirodhara Therapy to use it for the restorative therapy which is known as the Sukhachikitsa.  It is also one of the steps of another Ayurvedic Therapy known as Panchkarma.There are many diseases that can be cured by Shirodhara therapy. It is very much effective in curing sinusitis, eye diseases, greying of hair, insomnia, allergic rhinitis, memory loss, tinnitus, neurological disorders, hearing impairments and various skin diseases including psoriasis. The results of this therapy are very effective hence it is used in various spas for non-medicinally purposes.

Thyladhara, Ksheeradhara, Jaladhara and Thakradhara are the specialized forms of Shirodhara.

Content used in Shirodhara

Milk, oils (almond and coconut), ghee, coconut water, decoction, buttermilk or sometimes plain water is used to pour on the forehead during this therapy.

How it Works

The technique used during this massage therapy is dated back to centuries. The third eye area that is the center of the forehead is the main focus point where the liquids are poured at a particular temperature from a specific height during the Shirodhara Therapy.  The flow of these medicated liquids or oils is recurring and continuous that gives result to a very relaxing experience and leaves the person in the state of meditation.  The mildly warm oil helps in calming down the intensified “vata” of the nervous system, renovating the nervous system and relieving the emotional states of hopelessness and ineptitude. It is very effective in energizing the spirits reducing the gray and tedious feeling.

The duration of the entire process is around thirty to thirty five minutes.The Ayurvedic head massage is given post to the Shirodha therapy. Specific marma points are being worked during this therapy in order to soothe the nervous system.

Benefits of Shirodhara

The shirodhara therapy helps in stabilizing the nervous system, and helps to overcome depression and stress. If being done skillfully, this therapy helps in getting rid of insomnia, anxiety and muscular stress. It is very applicable if regulating hormonal imbalance and curing the issues caused during the pre and post menopause. It relieves tiredness and mental fatigue. This technique plays an important role in stabilizing the seven Chakras of human body.

How often Should One have Shirodhara

How often Shirodhara treatment should be given depends upon the condition of the individual.It could be determined by observing the sternness of the ailment. During the entire therapy the individual getting the therapy is made to lie down on the massage table and herb oils or sesame is poured on the forehead for about twenty to forty minutes. It is best to get this therapy in the morning. For severe diseases multiple sessions of this treatment are required but for conditions like insomnia which are less severe, treatment can be restricted to a single session only. The frequency of the Shriodhara Therapy is decided by the Ayurvedic Doctor depending on the condition of the patient.

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