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According to the Ayurvedic System there is a Sanskrit word used for massage of body with an oil referred to as Abhyangam.It includes vegetable oils having an infusion with different herbal mixtures and is if applied on body parts on regular basis pour out great results.

There are 3 major doshas which are characteristics of body of a human such as 'Vata', 'Pitta' as well as 'Kapha'. The Ayurvedic Science believes that these doshas should have their presence in the body in a balanced manner and prove to be beneficial for maintaining good health. The first of all is the Vatadosha which is found to influence the other doshas present in the body. Bad lifestyles or living habits as well as regular exposure to the air pollutants like chemicals, dust etc  disturb the Vata and its consequences may be in the form of problems such as body aches, insomnia, dry skin, stress, lusterless as well as brittle hair, wrinkled skin, general debility etc.. The easy solution to this difficult problem is 'Abhyangam' or oil massage done on daily basis..thisAbhyangam  enhances the strength of the body and improves the tissue repairing as well.

It is advisable that Abhyangamshould be done either on regular basis or on alternate days for giving great results. If one is unable to get it done so frequently then it can be applied weekly as well but one important thing to be taken into consideration is that it has to be done empty stomach or 3 hours after taking a meal.

Use of Oils in Abhyangam

Abhyangam which means oil massage helps in relaxing the body from different problems and hence different types of oils are required to apply in different situations.There are a number of oils being used for the purpose of medication in the Ayurvedic system such as cold pressed sesame seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E (i.e. Omega 3 and Omega 6) creates wonders in nourishing the skin as a lotion and protects the hair from premature graying and is a boon to disturbed sleep as well as creaking joints.

If one is suffering from problems like dermal infections then coconut oil which is enriched with lauric acid really works. If mustard oil is mixed with cold pressed sesame seed oil in equal quantity then one can get rid of issues like heaviness of body and body aches as well. People apply pure ghee which is also referred to as clarified butter, for burning sensation of eyes, scalp, body and soles. However if there is extreme dryness in the body and skin is found to be cracking then practitioners prescribe massage with Castor oil or a mixture of castor and cold pressed sesame seed oil.

The Abhyangam (massage) in AyurvedicSyetemis Described as

  • Jarahar (or anti aging) – if Abhyangam is done on daily basis to the head, feet and spine with sesame oil, almond oil or mustard oil, it enhances virility, semen and vitality. Human body comprises of 7 tissue ingredients which are known as Dhatu. This practice of Abhyangam helps in supplying energy, nourishment as well as vitality to the seven Dhatus resulting in anti aging or one looks younger as well as more energetic than his actual age for long durations.
  • PushtiKar (make one strong) – Abhyangam  increases the circulation of major essential life fluids, and rubbing, kneading, pressing as well as massaging improvises the strength of the body enhances stamina, virility as well as vitality of the human body.
  • ShramHar (fatigue reliever) – one becomes prone to Fatigue, if he is undergoing physical as well as mental strain. It results in having an adverse affect on the muscles and creates tensions. If body is being rubbed, patted and squeezed with the oil then muscles gently overcome fatigue.
  • Drishti Prasad Kar (Improve sight) –if massage is done on daily basis then there is an improvement in the sight and helps in keeping away the blindness of the eyes.people suffering from issues related to eyesight or other issue s of eyes should prefer to massage the feet, basically under the big toe. There should also be a massage of the spine, head and neck on regular basis for removing eye troubles and enhancing vision.
  • VataHar (pacifies the Vata) – if one is undergoing regular strain on the nervous system from the disturbed Vata, then there would be pains experienced in joints as well as muscles. The easy solution to this problem is massage with Mahanarayana oil done on regular basis. One can also prepare a mixture of oil and burnt garlic in heated oil, along with addition of fenugreek seeds to boiling oil, wintergreen oil and mint oil for getting rid of troubles created by Vata.
  • SwapnaKar (induces sleep) – the oil massage makes one’s body relaxed and takes away tensions. People having problems like sleeping disorder, insomnia or lack of sound as well as continuous sleep must get their body massaged especially the head as well as feet prior to going to bed. Application of oils in such cases should be the pumpkin seeds oil massaged on the head. Sometimes, Brahmi oil would also do.
  • KleshSahatwa (helps resist against diseases along with disharmony) – the Ayurvedic practitioners believe that massage is one of the best way to strengthen the seven ingredients of the body. There is formation of antibodies that help in resisting against diseases, improvise tolerance, patience and forbearance. It protects one from agonies, anxieties and sorrows.
  • TwakDridhKar (strengthens the skin) – the skin becomes dry because of dry climate, anxieties, loads of mental work and continuous worrying. People having their habitats in cold climatic conditions make their skin prone to dryness due to constant facing of the chilled air. Massage is a solution to so many problems of skin and help in making the skin smooth, glowing and shining. Rubbing the skin regularly makes it glow.
  • AbhighatSahatwa (resistance to injuries & power to recover quickly) – massaging the body regularly makes it recover from several physical injuries much quicker than other people who do not massage. People taking regular massage can themselves see the difference as far as healing is concerned and very soon over come pains.
  • KaphaVataNirodhak – it helps in subsiding different illnesses caused by Vata and Kapha.

Abhyangam is Beneficial

Regular oil massage helps in improving circulation and in a nutshell it is a solution to a numberless problems hence we can say that Abhyangam is a boon to Human beings. It is ll about protection from various diseases as well as curing various diseases.

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