Patni top is located on the lower Himalayan range close to the Pir Pranjal range. This place is situated on the plateau of the Shivalik region of the Himalayas. The river Chenab flows through the place.

This famous hill resort is secluded on a beautiful plateau of Shivalik range at a height of 2024 m across which the Jammu-Srinagar Highway passes. It is a popular destination opening ways for adventure, walks and picnics.

Timeworn Integrals

Initially, this place was named "Patan Da Talab" which actually means "Pond of the Princess". It is said that in earlier times, a pond was there in the pastures and a princess used to come there to take a bath. Whereas the pond is still existent near the local hostel and therefore, it was named as “Patan Da Talab”, but with changing times the name was changed from "Patan Da Talab" to Patnitop.

Far away from the military tensions of Jammu and Kashmir, this place provides us with amazing scenic beauty around the Chenab River.

Visitors Frame of Reference

Surrounded by dense coniferous forests, Patnitop offers a beautiful range for picnics, outings and breathtaking sceneries of the mountains. Around winter time, Patnitop is generally snow-capped, thus making the place apt for popular ice sports.

It is the nearest tourist attraction from Jammu and from Udhampur. Tourists can also enjoy a mesmerizing and thrilling sky view of Patnitop with Paragliding. Paragliding is provided to the tourists accompanied with a pilot. The flight takes off from Patnitop and lands at Kud. All in all, it provides a beautiful sport for the purpose of pulling in tourists.

Traversing Statistics

By Road

Patnitop can be travelled on National Highway 1A, 112 km from Jammu. Patnitop is easily connected to Srinagar and Jammu by national highway and can be reached by public transport. Share taxis are easy and cheap modes of transport in this areas. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to reach Patnitop from Jammu.

By Rail

You can also travel by trains enjoying the natural beauty of the place. Udhampur is the nearest railway station to Patnitop. It has a couple of trains that reach New Delhi. One can take a bus to Patnitop from Udhampur which is an hour`s journey. Udhampur is also close to Pathankot station. Pathankot is directly connected to the metro cities.

Successive Perspective

The 9.2 km long Chenani-Nashri Tunnel or Patnitop Tunnel, India's longest road tunnel is being built from about 2 km from Chenani town south of Patnitop to Nashri village north of Patnitop. This reduces the length of the highway by 31 km from Jammu upto Srinagar. During, winters when roads are blocked by snow, the Patnitop tunnel helps to reduce the heavy traffic on national highway 1A caused due to snow.

Patnitop is known for its many picturesque locations and landmarks, summers are the best time to visit this place and to enjoy the ethereal experience of Nature. Patnitop is one of the chief tourist destinations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Beautiful water springs can also be discovered in this eye locking valley of Patnitop.

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