Daksum is an ideal picnic spot situated at a height of 2438 meters. The entire area is covered up with coniferous forest. Various streams criss-cross stretching over the area. River Bringi also flows through this region. It is a place where you can revel in solitude and talk with Nature.  This scenic spot falls on the gushing stream of Anantnag Simthan Kishtwar road.

Tourists Perspectives

Kashmir, a northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent is, considered as the “Heaven on Earth” because of its extravagant natural beauty. Tourists are mostly attracted to this place for its mouth opening scenic beauty. Along with the scenic beauty, it also comprises of numerous beautiful places. Daksum located on the Kashmir valley is one such place.

A trekker's paradise indulged in the rich coniferous forests, gurgling streams, hidden grassy meadows with the melodious sound of the gushing Bringi stream is the backdrop of this place. The only company with you in this trekking is the sound of gushing Bringhi River. Daksum is also famous for its trout fish - an Angler's Heaven. Situated inside the magnificent grandeur of the Kokarnag springs, it presents a mesmerizing sight. A walk in Daksum will take you up to the hills hugged with the lush coniferous trees and past gurgling brooks. This place will offer you the eye catching view of rich flora and fauna.

Exploring Details

Daksum is located at an altitude of 2,438m above the sea level with the coordinates: 33°36'43"N 75°26'6"E. It is situated at a distance of 40 km from the main district headquarters and about 85 km from Srinagar. It is on the trekking route to Kishtwar. From here, the trail leads to Sinthan pass at 3,748 meters and also to Sinthan top. This pass is open from April to September for trackers. It is 85 kilometers from Srinagar and 40 kilometers from Anantnag.

While visiting this place you can also move your eyes around places like Srinagar, Anantnag and also enjoys the Sinthan pass. For the comfortable stay of the tourist Daksum provides us with hotels, guesthouses, resthouse and also tourist camping spot.

Further Development Aspects

India is a rich country of scenic beauty, flora and fauna. Daksum in Kashmir valley depicts such natural beauty. As time passes away, it has become important to preserve the spot and to develop it. The government provides with enough fund to maintain this tourist spot.

Daksum is the most beautiful trekker paradise. The best time to visit Daksum starts from April to November. This is the best time when you can enjoy the calmness and serenity of this place.

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