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Sawalkot Dam

It was constructed for the JKPDC (Jammu & Kashmir Power Development Corporation), there were some financial hindrances earlier which was then settled by JKPDC by opting for an international finance. NORPLAN was responsible to generate a final report to be sent to the World Bank for the financial concern. Operations of data gathering and further mapping has been accomplished  by DERS (Directorate of Environment and Remote Sensing) and the same was used by NORPLAN to generate an effective report for the World Bank presentation.

Technical Blueprints

Sawalkot Dam is a massive project carried out by the Jammu & Kasmir government. Located on the Chenab river, it is an RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) type dam with a height of 197m. The reservoir was planned to have an area of approximately 9 km2 and a powerhouse is undergrounded at the dam location. As far as its elementary constituents are considered, it has 3 turbines and generators with a sufficiency of 200 MW each. Crest length of the dam is 200 m with two diversion tunnels with lengths 1080 and 690 meters respectively. Moreover, the expected annual power generation from the project is 6326 GWh.

Development Perspectives

The giant Sawalkot Dam was planned in order to deliver quality power solutions for the state and huge amount of money has also been invested for the same purpose. Working on the constructing site, 2000 people were accommodated and get the opportunity to earn their daily wages. Eventually, the amount of electricity generated by the hydroelectric power project will surely augment the various development aspects of the state. 

Traversing Statistics

Sawalkot Dam is located on the Chenab river in Udhampur district. It is somewhere around 650 kilometers from national capital Delhi. Connected by Grand Trunk road, there is a well-connectivity criteria between the two places. Moreover, Jammu being an exotic tourist destination allows you to have a nice time while visiting the state. 

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