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Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam

Previously installed projects on the Indus River were not generating enough so as to meet the increasing demand of power in the state. Also, the water management of the range was not in a formulated manner. In order to initialize a proper development scheme, Dumkhar dam was proposed in 1997 and it took almost six years for the project to get completed.

It was due to this project only that Jammu & Kashmir government has decided to provide electricity to other states as well at the rate of 5.30 per unit.

Technical Particularization

Dumkhar dam can be considered as an imperative engineering example due to its giant yet perfect structure. With a height of 42 meters its above length is 220 meters. It also has two diversion tunnels with length and radius 450 and 10 meters respectively. A maximum water level of 2856 meters adds up to the marvelous of the hydropower project.

It also has three penstocks with a 4 meter diameter and a crest elevation of 2830 meters. It also consists of four spillway openings with a size of 8.2m*12m.

Travelers Context

Dumkhar dam, being situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has always been a center of attraction for all the tourists visiting the state from all around the world. It is basically located on the Leh Batalik road which contains numerous enchanting views and hence providing the tourists with a great viewing experience.

Moreover, the area around the dam is under defense speculation to avoid any kind of terrorist activity and consequently making the location safer for the visitors.

Exploring Specifics

Travelling by air lands you to Srinagar airport which is the nearest one to the location and as far as the road travelling is concerned, you can proceed from every part of Jammu and Kashmir since it has good road connectivity.

The nearest railway station is in Jammu city which provides various modes of travelling to the dam. Moreover, there are numerous other visiting attractions around the site which can add colors of enjoyment to your journey.

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