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Pakal Dul Dam

Pakal-Dul dam is a massive project initiated by Indian government and its importance basically stands on the treaty violations between India and Pakistan on this project. This 1500 MW project contains a reservoir capacity of 0.108 MAF with a level of 1700 meters. With a height of 1708 meters and maximum water level of 1703 meters, it has a crest level of 1684 meters consisting of two bays and two tunnels as well.

Treaty Violations Precedent

According to Indus Water Treaty (IWT) held in 1960, India has to share all the details of any hydropower project on the Chenab river with Pakistan. The irrigation department noticed that this project would concede India to impede the water flow to Pakistan, which refers to be a violation of the Indus Water Treaty.

The department also noticed that the sediment information provided in the Indian plan was not according to the international practices.

Augmentation Census

An inflation in the growing population rate demands more water for several uses and hence, it becomes mandatory to not only construct new dams but also to preserve the existing ones. Jammu & Kashmir government has taken imperative steps in order to deal with the Indus water treaty (IWT) violations.

According to the details forwarded by India to Pakistan, the Pakal-Dul dam will generate a total amount of 1500 megawatts of power and would consume almost six years to complete. No doubt, the dam will provide a much needed support to the state in dealing with power consumption issues.

Touring Details

Located on Chamba river, Pakal-Dul dam can be traversed easily from different parts of the country. With a giant structure and effective technical propaganda, it offers a tremendous view to the tourists from around the world. Indeed, Jammu & Kashmir is known for its epochal beauty and along with it’s development aspects, Pakal-Dul dam adds another destination to provide a great experience to the visitors.

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