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Bursar Dam

Doda district in Jammu and Kashmir has a distinct and a classic terrestrial condition. Its development started in 1996. Being an area which requires less water and essential slope having the capacity to ingest the water as per the required fertility, it does not have the major problem in irrigation. The basic motto of its construction is to administer the flow of water and the momentum of hydroelectric generation enhancing the generation of electricity with satisfaction. Its height is 829ft with 2,00,000 acre capacity of water storage. It has four units installed producing 255MW electricity from every unit. It was expected to get complete by 2016 but got postponed due to the weather conditions of the area. Water to this dam is provided by Marusudar dam. It is predicted that the destruction of this dam can create flood in 4900 acres of land, killing numerous precious lives. It is said that Hanzal village is also on the point of danger.

Technical Description

Bursar Dam is at the height of 829ft having the capacity of 2,00,000 acre water storage. It also has four units installed which produces 255MW electricity per unit. The turbines are very rapid so as to bear the force of water when installed. The areas which get benefited directly or indirectly from this dam includes Ratle, Salal, Baglihar, Pakal, Sawalkot and Dul. Although it has four channel gates but due to the harsh weather conditions only two can be used. The cost which has been predicted from this dam is Rs. 4,378.19 crores. It has been secured by providing 22ft thick wall in its surrounding having a similar shape of Baglihar dam. At present, 2 unit of power production capacity has been installed whereas its actual capacity is 252 MW which is dissimilar to 255 MW as was planned during the construction. It is said to be among the biggest projects on river Jhelum and Chenab, starting from Jammu and Kashmir passing through Pakistan and reaching Islamabad.

Places of Interest

This Dam is a beautiful tourist spot and is attracted by many as it is surrounded by deep green woods and is easily accessible by rails and roads. The closest railway station is at Jammu from where road transport can be boarded having regular bus services. In winters, the roads get blocked with snow and also has landslides during the monsoon season. Its route is highly interesting as it is controlled by the defense people providing safety and security from the outside infiltrators.

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