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Vrindavan - Land of Love

It is a place dedicated to Lord Krishna and also tied in with the life and tradition of ideal god of Indians. The Braj Bhoomi evolved 2 million years ago and is considered as old as mountains. The period was when the Himalayas spew out of the sea Tethys Sea and grew with an unconquerable craving to contact the sky. The reason has not been made out clear, may be its essence of Taj which whirled love in the air, or the Braj for its tremendous love, which sprouted ultimate love in the heart of the tourist who came in masses. This place is considered to be prestigious as it is on these primeval sands that Krishna was bought to earth. His childhood period filled with frolics and pranks was passed  here with his accompanying gopi’s and Radha. This place is also familiar as Krishna made his first conquer with the evil forces at this place. It is a known fact that Mathura was the nascence place for Lord Krishna, Vrindavan or Gokul is where he was bought up and also Mirabai passed her time. Apart from all these places, other place where this fable is associated is also important for a pilgrimage trip. Tourists can enjoy godly love of air whirling around them by visiting this place and making it a memorable one.

Travel time

Travelling time for getting from Delhi to Vrindavan takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Vrindavan is located about 142km away from Delhi.

Mathura - Home of Krishna

Mathura sits in the state of Uttar Pradesh and also renowned for being the birth place for the most philanthropic god of Hindus. For centuries this town has been holding true histories. The town has a collection of sacred kunds and holy shrines and is considered as a holy place. Myths and legends are what Mathura is filled with and is the belief of the people there too. It stands to be a city of the Vaishnava trend and the specialty of Mathura is that it recites countless tales of the Blue god. The astounding city has a number of places where each and every spot is associated with the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The holy Ghats and the tranquil river banks of Ganga boost the religious dedication to an elevated level.

Travel time

The travelling time from Delhi to Mathura is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The town of Mathura is about 147 km away.

Bharatpur - City of Birds

Bharatpur is an excellent place for ones who love to watch colorful birds and count their feathers. This makes a perfect pastime and also makes you realize about Dr.Salim Ali’s love for birds. Apart from the beauty and absolute flagrancy, the beauty of birds’ nature to accept the inefficient offering from the humans is a blessing and makes the area a paradise and a must visited place to look at.

Gujarat’s Prince Bhamji of Morvi was involved and influential who took steps in implementing new ideas and making the area into a wildlife reserve. Duck shoots was another practice which was an interesting aspect which took place each year in honor and memory of Viceroy Lord Curzon. Being one of the deluxe states, Bharatpur was located on the edges of Thar Desert.

Travel time

The travelling time from Delhi to Bharatpur takes about 3 hours and is positioned 182km away.

Agra - Symbol of Love

Prestigiously standing as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra is a famed tourist destination in India. Erected with brilliant architecture and virtual history, Agra sits in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The exceptional historical monuments, the incomparable architecture magnificence and the prettiness of marbles are outstanding aspects of Taj Mahal and pulls in masses of tourists to experience the beauty.

It is believed that in 1475, Agra was built and considered as a medieval city. The place also holds a prominent position in the great epic Mahabharata where it was mentioned as Agraban. Ptolemy who was a famed second century geographer, found Agra on the world map. Agra also stood to be capital for various dynasties which took into account, the Mughals as well as the Lodi’s.

The amazing man made beauties are located on the banks of River Yamuna, where three of UNESCO world heritage sites are also preset. They are the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri. Mughal art, architecture and culture are sheltered in this place.

Travel time

It takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach Agra from Delhi. Agra is about 211km away from Delhi.

Haridwar - Gateway of Hari

The name Haridwar construes as doorway to god where Hari means god and Dwar means gate. The place is positioned in the state of Uttarakhand and is considered as a main religious destination which grabs the attention of many people of various background and faiths. The place portrays Indian civilization and culture in a complete manner. The ancient tradition has other views where they mentioned Haridwar as Kapilsthan, Gangadwar and Mayapuri. The descent of river Ganga from the mountains runs over through Haridwar and touches it before it could reach the towns. Char dam or the four religious spots can be initiated from Haridwar. The spots are Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. It is also believed and said that salvation can be achieved by taking a holy dip into the Ganges.

Travel time

Travelling time from Delhi to Haridwar is about 3 hours and 50 minutes. Haridwar is about 210km away.

Corbett National Park - Where Tigers Roar

The royal Bengal tigers are considered ferocious and also a species to be protected. The park is a familiar one and has a number of tigers which can be sighted. . Another class of family called the leopards also makes their presence in the park. The key flora attraction in this park is the Sal, other tree collections are about 457 species in the park, and migratory birds are other highlights. The birds are about 585 species in number where the birds chirping are an added beauty which adds charm to the tranquil jungle. For ones who are nervous about reptiles should definitely offer a chill to your spine by taking a look at the various reptiles present. The Jim Corbett national park has nearly 25 species of reptiles in it. The destination is an eco-tourism one and also managed well for which it is identified as the best managed national sanctuary in the world.

Travel time

The travelling time from Delhi to Corbett national park takes about 4 hours and 20 minutes and the distance of Corbett national park from Delhi is about 235km.

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