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Best Time To Visit Delhi

With a pleasant and cool climate, where temperatures range between 20-30 degree Celsius is the best period that makes Delhi a perfect spot to be seen. This period falls during October and March and is reckoned as the best time to travel to Delhi. Delhi immerses in a cultural fervor during the wintertime months, as in those months Delhi specifically showcases cultural events with stage shows and concerts. Every week variety of appearances such as art displays, musical celebration and theatre concert are conducted. People can plan for outdoors and enjoy these traditional and cultural events during these months rather than planning for sight- seeing.

Tourists should be aware of flight delay during the month of January which is the peak period of winter. It is during this period that pollution blends and forms a dense fog which wraps the city. It is during February; the complete city looks appealing and flourishes with new flowers which make it an apt time to travel to Delhi.

May and June are peak summer time, which offers a hot and dry climate. Hot, dry winds whirl around the city as the temperature hits 43 degrees and hence it is advised to remain inside during the afternoons. Delhi does not present many events during the summer season as it is wicked hot here. So tourists should carry in mind this Delhi summer.

July is yet another period where the climate is still humid and still miserable to enjoy. This period is an entry for monsoons and hence the temperature drops down and sows relief in people’s mind. It would be till August that rains would continue, next would be September which still gyrates with humidity but refreshes with cool evenings.

Sightseeing and city outings can be comfortably executed in the month of July to September. October to December is another flourishing period where sight-seeing can be accomplished around Delhi. The chill month, which provides a varied experience, is during January. So at last it can be concluded that February and March can be the best time to visit and enjoy Delhi outings. Delhi serves as an entry for various hill stations and other places around India. There are a number of the tourism centers where holiday packages can be booked and enjoyed from Delhi.

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