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INA Market

The INA Market located in South Delhi is short form for Indian National Army Market and is famous as the food destination of Delhi. Shoppers throng this market to get their hands on the widest variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in its freshest form. Regular buyers from this unique marketplace swear that the quality of foodstuff you get at INA market is simply unbeatable and cannot be matched by food items available in other markets in Delhi suburbs.

The Widest Choice of Freshest Foodstuff

The INA Market is where Delhites prefer to shop for food items because this market boasts of the freshest produce, seafood, fruits, spices and even packaged and canned food items. You can even buy imported stuff off the shelf at reasonable prices from the many shops and food counters dotting the market.

Shop without Stress

Open on all days except Mondays, INA market is a foodie’s dream place. They can buy their favorite food items or order their weekly supply in bulk. There are potter services available to help you carry your bags and baskets while you shop across the many food stores and kiosks of the INA market hassle-free.

Imported Brands? INA Has It All

For wine and liquor connoisseurs, INA market is the perfect place to locate some of the finest brands in whiskey, wine, cognac, vodka and other premium spirits including champagne. One of the unique features of this market is the ability of shop owners and assistants to communicate in foreign languages. They can communicate fluently, not only in Hindi and English but also in German, French, Spanish and even Chinese. This is a boon for foreign tourists who come here looking for exotic Indian food stuff or imported packaged food items.

Most shops have generous stocks of imported food items such as chocolates, ice creams and candies. You can even buy rare and exotic wines which are not available in other Delhi markets.

Shop for Groceries and all Your Home and Commercial Cooking Needs

INA Market also has many shops that stocks groceries of literally every type and variety. It is a great place to shop for your monthly requirement of food items as you can purchase fresh stock in bulk and get attractive discounts for bulk purchases. Some shopkeepers even arrange for free delivery of your orders within a specific radius of the market. You can shop for dry fruits, spices and powdered masalas, all guaranteed for their absolute freshness.

Apart from the ability to buy freshest food items, customers prefer buying from INA market for the high level of convenience it offers. You can buy the entire food requirements of your family at one place. There are hotels and restaurants too offering a platter of exotic dishes to suit your taste buds.

How to Reach

INA Market is located on Shri Aurobindo Road in South Delhi and easily accessible by both road and rail from Delhi. INA underground station of the Delhi Metro can also be used to reach the market. This station was commissioned in 2010.

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