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Greater Kailash Market

Greater Kailash Market in South Delhi is one of the most famous markets in Delhi. It is not like a local market where bargaining and shouts of shopkeeper can be heard. This market incorporates some of the most prestigious international brand shops including Lacoste also. Sanity ware is also popular here since Greater Kailash Market is the biggest sanitary ware provider in Northern India.

Greater Kailash Market Delhi tops the list when it comes to shop in Delhi. It is one of the most suggested places to shop for in Delhi. One will certainly never get tired while shopping in Greater Kailash Market. In actual practice, Greater Kailash was a residential area in Delhi comprising of several neighborhood markets that are now a part of it. The market is not an enclosed shopping mall but consists of shops that are placed adjacent to each other while lining smoothly a covered walking area.

This market is highly crowded during weekends and hence there is a big problem of parking area during those days. If you are on a shopping spree and want to enjoy shopping calmly, wishing to have full attention of the shopkeeper, make a visit to this market during weekdays. The crowds will be quite less than as on weekends. The market also houses various famous food outlets including McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf etc. So, during shopping you can also enjoy good food.

Things to Shop in Greater Kailash Market

Greater Kailash Market has two sections, Greater Kailash I and Greater Kailash II and both of these have variety of things to offer to the people visiting here.

Part 1

Part 1 is also termed as Greater Kailash 1 and this portion of the market was developed in 60s by none other than DLF Limited when the government of Delhi allowed private developers to construct colonies. The markets of M and N Block lie in this region and incorporate some of the most famous markets of Delhi. This section of the market is home to a big variety of retail stores like Next, Giovanni, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, and Nike along with Lacoste. There are several coffee houses and restaurants too. Moreover, you can also get Fabindia’s 1st retail store in N Block.

So, if you are a brand freak or a fashion lover, simply visit here and keep on roaming around from one shop to another while making smart shopping choices since there are so many things here that you will get confuse what to buy and what to leave.

Part 2

Part 2, also known as Greater Kailash Part II, is seen as an expansion of Greater Kailash Part I when the latter start getting widely accredited. This section, however, is one of the biggest hubs of Northern India where you can get sanitary ware. There are various coffee shops and restaurants too like in Greater Kailash I section.

Durga Bari

Durga Bari is an important part of the Greater Kailash Market, though it is not a market but a worshipping place where people worship Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Kali as well. This all started in the year 1961 and lies in Greater Kailash-I. Durga Bari society manages this home of Maa Durga.

Bargaining in Greater Kailash Market

Bargaining can be done here but to a limited extent. The basic reason is the fact that Greater Kailash Market incorporates majority of national as well as international brands as shops here and most of these come with Fixed Rates and hence bargaining is just a matter of chance. But still if you feel comfortable or suitable you can ask the shopkeeper for some discounts or offs.

Market Timing

Greater Kailash Market is open for customers all week long. The timings are 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM for shopping in this market. There is no official closing day for the shop owners.

How to Reach

This market is situated in a residential area of South Delhi near Chittaranjan Park and is divided into two parts. One can take bus or hire a cab or auto to reach both parts of this market. The second mode of reaching there is the famous Metro station of Delhi namely by boarding the Violet line of Metro. The stations closer to Greater Kailash are Kailash Colony, Moolchand and Lajpat Nagar and from each of these metro stations commuters can hire an auto rickshaw at nominal rates to reach Greater Kailash.

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