Food is one of the most significant and important basic necessity required for survival. In the early ages specifically the Stone Age or way before that, there was only hunger that had to be taken care of to survive. Food was not tasty or there was no complexity in the creation of food. However, it is quite a luck that human beings have evolved through the different ages on every aspect. Luckily in the modern days which are today there are world class, economic, state-of-the-art restaurants in every corner of the world where people can dine at ease. However, one such nice, elegant restaurant to hop in would be Vapour in Delhi.

Vapour pub and brewery is located on the second floor in the MGF Megacity Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon. The unique feature of this restaurant is that it is a brewery too. In order to get the freshly brewed beer experience one will have to plan an evening out in this restaurant. Food in this restaurant is served in such an addictive and designer look that it is sure to make anyone hungry to the power infinitive even if they are not. It is said that a place which has an identity of its own is known to attract people. Same can be said about Vapour. Having a completely different interior look of its own, it appears to be sophisticated and at the same time bit of bohemian. The bohemian part adds up to the oomph factor. The interior is a combination of open and closed areas. The restaurant offers an open terrace experience for the younger group of friends looking for a place to crash for a casual evening hang out filled with liveliness. The most intriguing part of the open terrace is the light arrangement. The lights on the table are dim so that it can match with the evening with the setting sun. The fresh air on the terrace and the set up with beautiful long silky white curtains will make anyone feel as if they are an exotic vacation. One can also try to vaporize in the beautiful open terrace of Vapour to resume life with a fresh start.

Vapour is especially known for its own freshly brewed beer. The restaurant offers Choice of Oriental, Mediterranean, Continental and Indian cuisines. The restaurant is very intelligently designed which covers an area of 5000 sq.ft and has the brewery as the background to the main bar adjacent to the booths and formal dining seating arrangements. The seating arrangement is also very well planned along the outside passageway of the restaurant with arches and café style seating.

It is commendable that just like the gorgeously implemented interior décor the food quality offered here is superb. Few specialities apart from the brewed beer would be hors ‘d’oeuvres- delectable finger foods, one of a kind snacks. Anybody thinking about dining here is welcome as Vapour serves the diners with genuine international cuisines. Like the ambience, food is also very filling here so anyone wanting to spend few hours of joy and happiness will make the right choice by scheduling to dine at Vapour. A good news for the environmental friendly diners is that the restaurant uses eco-friendly LED lights which helps to reduce any emission and ends up conserving power.

Vapour aims at satisfying every customer who enters through the door of the restaurant. So there is a club, bar, open terrace, private dining area to cater to everybody’s needs. For the hard workers out there it is great to spend an evening in the club where the volume is sure to enchant the crowd. For a fresh start it is required to shake off all the worries and a perfect purification of the mind and soul is needed. Vapour helps to discover the real person with sky high potential. Music works best on an open mind and when played for everyone in the crowd and that is what is done at Vapour. The interior has a cool watering hole with neon lights all ready to create a mysterious indoor look.

Planning for an evening cannot be better than going to Vapour. Delectable international food platter with twists will certainly be a memorable experience for anyone who visits Vapour. The restaurant is not just any other restaurant in town or is not just a pub or night club or dining restaurant but it is very unique to what it has to offer to the customers along with the variable ambience.

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