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The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a state-of-the-art sophisticated multi cuisine restaurant which was established in the year 2003. The location is equally lucrative as the quality of food served here. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor of the Sahara Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon. The restaurant especially resembles a sea-faring ship from a short seafront. The interior is edgy enough to make the customers speechless.

 The restaurant has a capacity to accommodate and host 110 diners for fine dining. The Odyssey also has its own bar named “Rumline” and the night club named “The Deck”. The bar has a capacity to house 10 diners; however, the night club on the other hand can easily host 500 guests. Therefore, if anyone wants to plan a party then there is ample space in the night club or in the restaurant itself. The staffs of the restaurant are as welcoming as the ambience.

The restaurant is basically sculpted like a luxury cruise ship that is ready to take the diners for a trip amidst the vast endless sea. As the restaurant replicates a super luxury cruise liner, the interior is the reflection of the same. The interior decoration consists of a lot of wood, water screens and small water channels created with shells that add up to the ambience factor. The light from the false ceiling reflects in such a way that it adds glamour to the restaurant and making it look sober, soothing and mystique. The soft lights make the rippling effect of the water channels very prominent in a glorious manner. The stair case is transparent and the lights attached under it give vibrancy to the inside of the restaurant. There is intricate detail involving the carvings on the wood or the water screen. The interior water channels are displayed in a way which makes one feel really floating on the never-ending ocean and having a beautiful and one of a kind experience while dining.

This restaurant has mastered the art of serving world cuisine to the diners. They serve Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Mediterranean and Iranian cuisines. One must try the Cello kebab in this restaurant without failure. This resto-bar also has an outdoor seating arrangement for the experience of fine dining. They have a wide range of food for everyone around the block. They have some low calorie health food in the menu for the calorie conscious diners too. This is an added bonus.

The Odyssey is an “under one roof “experience as there is a lounge named “The Gazebo” which offers a corner full of peace and tranquillity for the diners. The in-house DJ Aryan plays almost all kinds of music so that every diner can enjoy themselves.

Overall The Odyssey is a well-organized multi-cuisine restaurant with an in-house DJ, night club, bar and lounge under the same roof which resembles a floating free spirited beautiful ship with its beautiful and graceful diners.

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